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Christmas Break Closing Times

Our last day of business before closing for the Christmas break will be Wednesday, 24th December 2014.

Our first day of business after the Christmas break will be Monday, 5th January 2015.

End of Registration Date during the Christmas Break:

If your submission date falls on a weekend, or a date during the holiday period you must submit before or during the office closure. Submissions made on the first working day after the closure (Monday, 5th January 2015) are recorded as being submitted on the actual day and cannot be back-dated.

If you are not able to submit in person on the last working day, you will need to post your submission and paperwork in the letterbox to the right of the Student Registry front door. You are advised to place your dissertation and paperwork in a large envelope prior to posting. This postbox is secure as it goes directly into an alarmed room.

Please note that the last working day of 2014 is Wednesday, 24th December. Submissions on this day must be made by 4pm.

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