Graduate Admissions


Applying on Paper

If you are unable to make an online application you may submit a paper application, however, you will still need access to a computer and the internet in order to track the progress of your application and to read messages on your Self-Service account.

There are 4 stages to applying on paper:

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Once the Board has processed your application you will receive an email with log in details for your online Self-Service account.

Please note that if you do not complete stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 by the required deadlines we regret we cannot process your application.

Stage 1: Preparation

Having used the Qualifications Directory to fully research the course you are interested in make sure you now have the relevant information you need to apply:

  1. Course codes
  2. Application deadline dates, and funding deadline dates. You will need to have submitted both the application and the required supporting documentation by the advertised dates.
  3. The relevant required supporting information (e.g. transcripts, CVs, etc.) to attach to your application form. See each individual course entry in the Qualifications Directory for this information.
  4. Contact details for your academic referees.
  5. You should refer to the following guide which will help you to complete your GRADSAF application form:

    Guide on completing the paper GRADSAF application form.


Stage 2: Download and complete the paper application form and collate supporting documentation

If you have not been previously registered as graduate student at Cambridge as above you should download and complete the relevant GRADSAF below:

If you are currently, or have previously been, registered as a graduate student at Cambridge on a PhD, MPhil, MRes, MSt, MASt, LLM, Graduate Diploma or a Certificate in Advanced Study in Mathematics (Part III Maths) you should complete the following application form:

  • Further information:


If in your GRADSAF you provide email addresses for your referees, once we receive and process your application your referees will be contacted by email and asked to submit their references via our electronic referencing system. You will not need to contact them to ask them to do this.

However, if your referees do not have email addresses, you are responsible for contacting them and asking them to submit hard copy references. You should send them the Instruction form below, with section 1 completed, and ask them to complete the remainder of the form and attach their reference (on headed paper, with an original signature). You should ask your referees to send their references to our office in a sealed envelope (using either of the addresses on the form). Alternatively they may return the form and reference to you and may forward it with the rest of your application.

Please note the Personal Reference is only required if you are eligible and wish to apply for awards offered by the Cambridge Trusts.




Stage 3: Make the application payment

Paper applications are subject to a non-refundable application fee of (GBP Sterling) £100.

There are two methods of payment:

  1. Paper Payment Method 1: Through the University's online store
  2. Paper Payment Method 2: by cheque/bankers draft/international money order

Payments made by any methods other than these two methods will NOT be processed. We DO NOT accept payment in foreign currency or cash, and DO NOT accept bank transfers, so please do not contact us for account details as we do not provide this information.

Paper Payment Method 1: Through the University's online store

You will need the course code to pay by this method which can be found in the individual course entry in the Qualifications Directory (see stage 1 above).

Once you have made your payment through the online store, you will receive an email notification of product purchase; you must include a copy of this email notification with your application. You must also enter the order number (beginning CAM...) on page 8 of the application form. Failure to do this will result in your application not being processed.

Please note: If you have made more than one application to the University of Cambridge, you must make a separate payment for each application.

The University of Cambridge will accept the following cards as payment via the online store:


Paper Payment Method 2: by cheque/bankers draft/international money order

If you are unable to pay by credit or debit card, we can accept a cheque, banker's draft or international money order, which must be made payable to 'The University of Cambridge' and drawn on a UK bank account.

These methods of payment may be acquired through a UK bank account, post office, or an overseas bank which provides international banking services and has access to a UK account. If you are unsure of how to obtain any of these payments, you should contact your own bank in the first instance clearly stating the requirements. Please be aware that your bank may have a service charge for providing any of the listed payments.

You must attach your payment to your completed application form; do not send it separately. Your full name, address and date of birth and the name of the course to which you are applying must be written on the back of the cheque/banker's draft/money order.


Stage 4: Submit all the documentation

Collect all the required supporting information (references, transcripts, and so on as listed in the qualifications directory) and send it in a single packet with the completed application form to the Board of Graduate Studies at the address below. Please see 'Supporting Documentation' for further information on supporting documentation.

If you are applying for more than one course, please send each application packet in a separate envelope. Please note that you may not apply more than once for the same course (for example you cannot apply twice to the same PhD course with two different research proposals).

Your application should be sent to:

Sent by standard post:Sent by courier:
University of Cambridge
Board of Graduate Studies
PO Box 338
University of Cambridge
Board of Graduate Studies
4 Mill Lane

You may choose to upload some of the required supporting documentation via your online Self-Service account, rather than send it by post with your application, but please note that all parts of your application, however they are submitted, must arrive by the relevant closing date.