Graduate Admissions


Continuation and Readmission

You will be applying as a 'continuer' or 're-admitter' if you are currently, or have previously been, registered as a graduate student at Cambridge on a PhD, MPhil, MRes, MSt, MASt, LLM, MCL, MMus, Graduate Diploma or a Certificate in Advanced Study in Mathematics (Part III Maths).

Information on this page is additional information for students wishing to continue or be readmitted as a graduate student.

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College Choice

If a conditional offer of continuation is made, your papers will be forwarded to colleges for consideration.

  • You may choose up to two colleges to consider your application. If neither college is able to offer you membership, or you do not record a choice, your application will be randomly allocated to a college.
  • If you would like your current college to consider your application, please put this as one of your two choices.
  • The Board strongly advises that before you submit your application you contact the graduate tutor at the colleges you state as first and second choice, if these are different to your current college, to find out what their procedures are for continuing students.
  • You are also advised to contact the graduate tutor at your current college to advise of your intentions, as a matter of courtesy.
  • It is not possible to change your college choices once your application has been submitted to the Board.


Undertaking a Second Degree of the Same Type

It is not possible to be awarded more than one degree of the same type, for example the MPhil or the PhD, from the University of Cambridge.

A degree is a state of grace and as such, once you have been approved and conferred for one degree, you cannot have another degree of the same type approved and conferred on you again. You may, however, undertake another degree of the same type and its associated examinations and receive instead confirmation that you have followed the degree.

If you wish to apply for a second degree of the same type, please submit/upload a letter with your application confirming that you are aware that you cannot be approved for the degree.


Current or Previous MSt Students

If you are, or have previously been, an MSt Degree student and are applying to another graduate course, please submit/upload a copy of your MSt Degree application (available from the Institute of Continuing Education). Please note that your application cannot be processed until this is received. The Board cannot obtain a copy on your behalf.


Careers Service

If you are a current Cambridge student and are thinking about continuing on to Graduate Study, you may wish to consult the University's Careers Service.