Graduate Admissions


Office Closure

The Graduate Admissions Office will be closed on Monday 7th July, re-opening 9 am on Tuesday 8th July.

During this time we will be unable to respond to any phone or email queries.

You will continue to have access to your self-service accounts.

Step 3 - How to Apply

The application process is broken down into 3 stages

If you are currently, or have previously been, a graduate student at Cambridge, please also see 'Continuation and Readmission'.

Stage 1: Preparation

You should thoroughly research your prospective course, its requirements, deadlines and course costs in 'Step 2 - Studying at Cambridge' before you think about completing and submitting the online application form

Having fully researched the course you are interested in, make sure you now have the relevant information you need to apply:

  1. Course codes.
  2. Application deadline dates, and funding deadline dates.
  3. The relevant required supporting documents (e.g. transcripts, CV, etc.) in pdf format to upload. See each individual course entry in the Qualifications Directory for information on documents required. These must be provided within 2 weeks of submitting your online application form.

  4. Email addresses for your academic referees (please see 'Supporting Documentation: References' for details on what to do if you do not have this information).
  5. You may choose up to two colleges to consider your application. Further information on how to select a college preference can be found via the 'college preferences' link below.
  6. You should refer to the following guide which will help you to complete your GRADSAF application form:

    Guide on completing the online GRADSAF application form

Useful links:


Stage 2: Complete and Submit the online application form (GRADSAF)

When you have completed the necessary preparation in stage 1 and you are ready to begin your application your online application, you should take note of the following important information before you create your application

  1. If your online application is not updated or submitted within a 14 day period, you will be given 7 days to submit your application before it is deleted.
  2. There is an application charge of (GBP Sterling) £50 per application. This charge is not refundable. You can make the payment by providing your card details to our secure server when you submit the online application. The University of Cambridge accepts the following cards as payment:

    Visa - International and UK credit cards
    - UK debit cards

    Mastercard - International and UK credit cards
    - UK debit cards

    Maestro - UK debit cards

    JCB - International credit cards

  3. Your application is not complete without the required supporting documentation which can be uploaded via your self service account after you submit the online application form (see )
  4. You will need to submit a separate application, with separate supporting documents, for each course you wish you to apply for.

Having read the above, please click the link below to begin your application:

NB You cannot use this online application form to apply for the following courses: MSt's, MBA, EMBA, MFin, PGCE, CGCM, and Higher Degrees. Please see the Glossary of Awards for further information on how to apply for these courses.

If you wish to make a paper application please see 'Applying on Paper'.


Stage 3: Upload the required supporting documentation

Within 24-48 hours of submitting your online application form and payment, you will be sent an email giving you access to your Self-Service account. Your Self-Service account will remind you of all the supporting documentation you need to provide, and you will be able to upload electronic copies via your account.

  1. Please read 'Supporting Documentation' for all further details on supporting documentation, including references.
  2. Your application is not considered as complete without the required supporting documentation (including the references). These must be provided within 2 weeks of submitting your online application form.


Photo: Keith Heppell. Copyright: University of Cambridge

"The application process is not as daunting as you might expect, and you can follow your progress online every step of the way. I directed initial enquiries to my department as this is where I knew the application forms would be seen first. After hearing that my place to study there was confirmed it was just a few days before an acceptance letter also arrived from my first choice College."