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No 6517

Tuesday 31 July 2018

Vol cxlviii No 41

pp. 886–889

Notices by the General Board

Senior Academic Promotions, 1 October 2018 exercise: Appointments and titles

In its Report of 6 June 2018 on Senior Academic Promotions (Reporter, 6510, 2017–18, p. 694), the General Board recommended the establishment of 37 Professorships and 53 Readerships. In Paragraph 5 it was stated that the Board would announce the titles at a later date after consultation with the individuals concerned. The recommendations of the Report were approved by Grace 3 of 18 July 2018. The following list of appointments includes the titles that have been agreed.


With effect from 1 October 2018

School of Arts and Humanities

Dr Rosalind Polly Blakesley, PEM, appointed Professor of Russian and European Art

Dr Barak Kushner, CC, appointed Professor of East Asian History

Dr Nicholas James White, EM, appointed Professor of Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Culture

Dr Emma Widdis, T, appointed Professor of Russian and Film Studies

School of the Biological Sciences

Dr Clare Baker, PET, appointed Professor of Comparative Developmental Neurobiology

Dr John Carr, CC, appointed Professor of Plant Virology

Dr Andrea Manica, CL, appointed Professor of Evolutionary Ecology

Dr Simon David William Frost, appointed Professor of Pathogen Dynamics

School of Clinical Medicine

Dr Folma Buss, ED, appointed Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Dr Frank Reimann, appointed Professor of Professor in Endocrine Signalling

Dr Judy Hirst, CC, appointed Professor of Biological Chemistry

Dr Mark Gurnell, SID, appointed Professor of Clinical Endocrinology

Dr Michael Patrick Murphy, appointed Professor of Mitochondrial Redox Biology

Dr Roman Hovorka, appointed Professor of Metabolic Technology

Dr Richard Henson, appointed Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Nora Berend, CTH, appointed Professor of European History

Dr Mary Teresa Josephine Webber, T, appointed Professor of Palaeography

Dr Duncan Kelly, JE, appointed Professor of Political Thought and Intellectual History

Dr Lauren Kassell, PEM, appointed Professor of History of Science and Medicine

Dr Franz Fuerst, TH, appointed Professor of Real Estate and Urban Economics

School of the Physical Sciences

Dr Ian Farnan, CLH, appointed Professor of Earth and Nuclear Materials

Dr Sally Gibson, appointed Professor of Petrology and Geochemistry

Dr Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, JE, appointed Professor of Applied Mathematics

Dr Jacob Rasmussen, appointed Professor of Mathematics

Dr Jack Thorne, TH, appointed Professor of Number Theory

Dr Michael Irwin, CHU, appointed Professor of Astrophysics

Dr Stephen Jenkins, ED, appointed Professor of Physical and Computational Surface Chemistry

Dr Ramachandran Vasant Kumar, TH, appointed Professor of Materials Chemistry

Dr Rachel Oliver, R, appointed Professor of Materials Science

Dr Friedrich Malte Grosche, T, appointed Professor of Condensed Matter Physics

School of Technology

Dr Feryal Erhun Oguz, appointed Professor of Operations and Technology Management

Dr Richard Gibbens, CAI, appointed Professor of Network Modelling

Dr Pietro Lio, CLH, appointed Professor in Computational Biology

Dr Joan Lasenby, T, appointed Professor of Image and Signal Analysis

Mr Frank Allan McRobie, appointed Professor of Structural Engineering

Dr Garth Wells, JE, appointed Hibbitt Professor of Solid Mechanics

Non-School Institutions

Dr Susan Oosthuizen, W, appointed Professor of Medieval Archaeology


With effect from 1 October 2018

School of Arts and Humanities

Dr Ying Jin, R, appointed Reader in Architecture and Urbanism

Dr Michael Ramage, SID, appointed Reader in Architecture and Engineering

Dr Christine van Ruymbeke, DAR, appointed Ali Reza and Mohamed Soudavar Reader in Persian Literature and Culture

Dr Andrew Milne, CC, appointed Judith E. Wilson Reader in Poetics

Dr Jan Schramm, TH, appointed Reader in Literature and Law

Dr John Rhodes, CC, appointed Reader in Film Studies and Visual Culture

Dr Clare Chambers, JE, appointed Reader in Political Philosophy

School of the Biological Sciences

Dr Marko Hyvonen, appointed Reader in Protein Biochemistry

Dr Andrew Firth, T, appointed Reader in Virus Bioinformatics

Dr Andrew Murray, TH, appointed Reader in Metabolic Physiology

Dr Bénédicte Sanson, appointed Reader in Developmental Morphogenesis

Dr Matthias Landgraf, JE, appointed Reader in Developmental Neurobiology

Dr Alexander Tucker, PEM, appointed Reader in Veterinary Public Health

School of Clinical Medicine

Dr Adam Butterworth, appointed Reader in Molecular Epidemiology

Mr Kourosh Saeb-Parsy, F, appointed Reader in Transplantation

School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr Tiago Cavalcanti, T, appointed Reader in Economics

Dr Meredith Crowley, JN, appointed Reader in International Economics

Dr Matthew Elliott, JE, appointed Reader in Economics

Dr Michelle Ellefson, CAI, appointed Reader in Cognitive Science

Dr Linda Fisher, HO, appointed Reader in Languages Education

Dr Arathi Sriprakash, appointed Reader in Sociology

Dr Carl Watkins, M, appointed Reader in British History

Dr Tamsin O’Connell, TH, appointed Reader in Isotopic Ecology

Dr Mathieu Candea, K, appointed Reader in Social Anthropology

Dr Sian Lazar, CL, appointed Reader in Social Anthropology

Dr Julie Elizabeth Smith, R, appointed Reader in European Politics

Dr Manali Desai, N, appointed Reader in Political Sociology

Dr Antje du Bois-Pedain, M, appointed Reader in Criminal Law and Philosophy

Dr Anna Alexandrova, K, appointed Reader in Philosophy of Science

School of the Physical Sciences

Dr Jerome Neufeld, CTH, appointed Reader in Earth and Planetary Fluid Dynamics

Dr Helen Myfanwy Williams, JE, appointed Reader in Geochemistry

Dr Philip Howell, EM, appointed Reader in Historical Geography

Dr Nilanjana Datta, PEM, appointed Reader in Quantum Information Theory

Dr Jorge Pinto Da Silva e Conceição Santos, HH, appointed Reader in Theoretical Physics

Dr Roman Rafikov, appointed Reader in Astrophysics

Dr Alexey Shadrin, PEM, appointed Reader in Approximation Theory

Dr Finian Leeper, EM, appointed Reader in Biological Chemistry

Dr Andrew Wheatley, F, appointed Reader in Materials Chemistry

Dr Sohini Kar-Narayan, CLH, appointed Reader in Energy and Device Materials

Dr Siân Dutton, JE, appointed Reader in Physics and Solid State Chemistry

Dr Ulrich Schneider, JE, appointed Reader in Many-Body Physics

School of Technology

Dr Pedro Chauffaille Saffi, appointed Reader in Financial Economics

Dr Robert Harle, DOW, appointed Reader in Mobile and Cyberphysical Systems

Dr Timothy Martin Jones, CAI, appointed Reader in Computer Architecture and Compilation

Dr Rafal Mantiuk, appointed Reader in Graphics and Displays

Dr Richard Mortier, CHR, appointed Reader in Computing and Human-Data Interaction

Dr Anurag Agarwal, EM, appointed Reader in Acoustics and Biomedical Technology

Dr David Cole, F, appointed Reader in Mechanical Engineering

Dr Fumiya Iida, CC, appointed Reader in Robotics

Dr Richard Eric Turner, CHR, appointed Reader in Machine Learning

Dr David Fairen Jimenez, R, appointed Reader in Molecular Engineering

Dr Michael Mantle, W, appointed Reader in Applied Magnetic Resonance

Dr Laura Torrente Murciano, JN, appointed Reader in Catalysis and Reaction Engineering