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No 6338

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Vol cxliv No 21

pp. 370–371

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New Statutes and Special Ordinances

New Statutes: Notice of approval

13 February 2014

The Registrary has received notice from the Clerk at the Privy Council Office that Her Majesty the Queen, at a Council held on 11 February 2014, was pleased to approve the New Statutes which were submitted under the Common Seal of the University in accordance with Grace 2 of 3 July 2013 (Reporter, 6315, 2012–13, p. 677).

By Grace 2 of 3 July 2013 and Grace 1 of 27 November 2013, Special Ordinances and consequential changes to Ordinance were also approved, that approval being conditional upon the approval by Her Majesty in Council of the New Statutes (Reporter, 6309, 2012–13, p. 580; 6322, 2013–14, p. 42). The Special Ordinances and those consequential changes to Ordinance therefore now come into force, with effect from 11 February 2014.

A supplement of the New Statutes and Special Ordinances (annexed) is available in pdf format at and hard copies will be sent to those who receive printed copies of the Statutes and Ordinances.


Supplement: New Statutes and Special Ordinances of the University