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No 6173

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Vol cxl No 14

pp. 445–456


A. J. Pressland Fund: Notice


Applications for bursaries are invited from science and medical students (in the Schools of the Physical and Biological Sciences, Technology, and Clinical Medicine), who will be continuing academic study in Cambridge in October 2010. These bursaries will be awarded to students who wish to attend language courses in another country (up to four weeks in duration) in the Long Vacation. Information about courses and institutions abroad is available from the Language Centre’s advising team, and from the website at

Each bursary will be in the region of £300–£600, according to the nature of the course and the country concerned, contributing towards fees, travel, and subsistence. Applicants should outline the reason for the proposed course of study giving details of the selected institution and course structure to be followed. A breakdown of fees, travel, and subsistence costs, with any documentary evidence, should be provided. Contributions towards these costs from other sources, and details of any other applications and of grants already received, should also be stated. The recommendation of a Tutor or Supervisor only will be accepted.

Application forms are available for collection from the Reception at the Language Centre, Downing Place, Cambridge, CB2 3EL, or from the Language Centre website, or from Ms R. Nyman (tel. 01223 335040, email Four copies of the completed form should be submitted to Ms Nyman by 31 March 2010.

Successful applicants will be expected to submit a report following completion of the course. A percentage of the bursary may be retained until the report and a certificate, to prove attendance, is received by Ms Nyman. This must be sent by 1 November 2010, unless otherwise agreed, or the recipient will be required to repay the bursary in full. A prize of £100 will be awarded for the best report submitted, which will be published on the Language Centre’s website.