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Graces submitted to the Regent House on 15 July 2009

The Council submits the following Graces to the Regent House. These Graces, other than any which is withdrawn or for which a ballot is requested in accordance with the regulations for Graces of the Regent House (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 107), will be deemed to have been approved at 4 p.m. on Friday, 24 July 2009.

1. That the regulations for the Review of the results of examinations for postgraduate qualifications (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 429) be amended as set out in the Board of Graduate Studies' Notice on p. 963.

2. That the recommendations in paragraph 6 of the Report of the General Board, dated 3 June 2009, on the establishment of a Professorship of Musical Performance Studies (Reporter, 2008-09, p. 857) be approved.

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Cambridge University Reporter 15 July 2009
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