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notices by the general board

Review of arrangements for senior academic promotions: Notice

The General Board have set up a committee to review the arrangements for senior academic promotions, with the following terms of reference:

To review the University's arrangements for senior academic promotions having particular regard to:

(i) the structure of academic offices in the University taking into account factors including competitiveness, retention, and the balance between junior and more senior offices;
(ii) improvements to the senior academic promotions procedure, and any modifications to the criteria for promotion to specific offices, as documented in the guidance booklet;
(iii) the desirability of, and mechanisms for, budgetary control;
(iv) actions to ensure that the arrangements continue to comply with the University's equality and diversity obligations.

The membership of the committee is as follows:

Professor Andrew Cliff (Chair)

Professor Jeremy Sanders

Professor Martin Daunton

Professor Dame Jean Thomas

Mr Graham Allen (Secretary)

Members of the University are invited to send any comments on the review, before 8 October 2009, to the Academic Secretary, Academic Division, The Old Schools, Cambridge, CB2 1TT (email gpa13@cam.ac.uk).

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Cambridge University Reporter 08 July 2009
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