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Election of student members of the Councils of the Schools: Notice

Notice is given of the election of student members of each of the Councils of the Schools of Arts and Humanities, the Biological Sciences, the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Physical Sciences, and Technology, to serve as members in accordance with Ordinances, Chapter VIII (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 552).

One undergraduate student member and one graduate student member shall be elected for each Council of the School by and from the student representatives of the constituent Faculty Boards, Syndicates, or other Boards or Committees of Management in each School. Members elected are to serve for one year from the date of election.

The elections will take place at a meeting of the student representatives of constituent bodies to be held on Tuesday, 27 January 2009 in the Small Examinations Hall, New Museums Site, at 5.15 p.m. The elections will be conducted under the Single Transferable Vote regulations.

A candidate must be nominated on a nomination form sent to the Returning Officer, Mrs Benton, in the Education Section, Academic Division, 9 Jesus Lane (email amlg1@cam.ac.uk) so as to arrive not later than noon on 19 January 2009. Nomination forms may be obtained from Mrs Benton or from CUSU. The forms contain (a) a statement, which must be signed by two persons eligible to take part in the election in the relevant category proposing and seconding the nomination, certifying that they nominate the candidate for election, and (b) a statement, which must be signed by the candidate, consenting to be nominated and agreeing to serve if elected. Nomination forms should be accompanied by a brief statement by the candidate for the information of voters. Nominations will be published.

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Cambridge University Reporter 14 January 2009
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