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Development framework for the Old Press/Mill Lane Site: Notice

12 January 2009

The Council wishes to inform the University of work on the preparation of a development framework for the Old Press/Mill Lane Site.

Outline development plans were drawn up in the 1960s and 1980s for certain central sites owned by the University including the Old Press/Mill Lane Site. However, no large-scale redevelopment of the site has so far been possible apart from the building of the University Centre. In January 2007 the Council approved a recommendation by the Planning and Resources Committee that the University should work with the City Council to prepare a development framework for the Old Press/Mill Lane Site. The framework will set out the planning principles that will guide any future development which the University wishes to bring forward on the site, and will include such matters as the future amount and mix of development that might be permitted. The development framework will be adopted by the City Council as a Supplementary Planning Document and will form part of the City Council's adopted planning policies.

Since January 2007 preparation of a draft development framework has been undertaken by the Estate Management and Building Service in collaboration with the City Council, neighbouring Colleges, local residents, and other stakeholder groups.

The draft development framework document will include detailed site analysis together with an overall view of the character of the redeveloped site, the development objectives for the site, development and design principles, and details of the amount and mix of possible future development. It will not include specific development proposals: these will be brought forward for consideration by the University as they are developed.

As the development framework will be adopted as part of the City Council's approved planning policies, it must go through a process of public consultation. The draft development framework will be submitted to the City Council's Development Plan Steering Group on 20 January 2009 with a recommendation that it be approved for consultation purposes. A six-week period will then be set aside during which interested parties can make representations. These representations will then be considered jointly by the University Council and the City Council and the draft development framework may then be amended in view of representations made. The City Council hope to be in a position to adopt the development framework in the summer of 2009.

The adoption of a development framework by the City Council will provide the University with options for site development and the University will then need to consider if, when, and how development of the site should be brought forward. The Council will submit specific proposals for the development of the site to the Regent House and these will be put up for discussion in the usual way before any recommendation is put to the Regent House for approval by Grace.

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Cambridge University Reporter 14 January 2009
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