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External Members of the Council, Deputy Chairman of the Council, and Chair of the Audit Committee: Notice

The University is to appoint four external members of the Council to serve for two or four years from 1 January 2009. The Council is the principal policy-making and executive body of the University. It is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor. The other, elected, members are four Heads of Colleges, four Professors or Readers, eight other members of the Regent House (the legislative and electoral body of the University, defined in the Statutes as the governing body, principally consisting of members of the academic staff of the University and Fellows of Colleges), and three student members.

One of the external members will be appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Council. The Deputy Chairman chairs the Council if it is not appropriate for the Vice-Chancellor to do so (for example, when the Council is discussing the Vice-Chancellor's annual accountability report and forward plan). He or she will also chair the Remuneration Committee, and may be asked to chair, or serve on, other groups.

One of the external members is also to be nominated to chair the Council's Audit Committee. This Committee meets about six times a year. A deputy chair of the Audit Committee may also be appointed from among the internal members of the University Council. The Committee's work is of great importance to the University, especially in providing assurance that public funds are properly managed, and that management overall is sound. The Council meets approximately monthly during the year (except in August), at present on Monday mornings at 10.15 a.m.

Reasonable travel expenses will be paid to external members.

Enquiries about membership of the Council may be made to Dr Jonathan Nicholls, the Registrary, at the University Offices, The Old Schools, Cambridge, CB2 1TN (tel. 01223 332294, email registrary@admin.cam.ac.uk).

Expressions of interest, and suggestions, should be sent by 24 October 2008 to the Registrary, marked private and confidential. Those making suggestions are asked to state in their letter why they believe that the person suggested would be particularly suitable for this role. Those submitting information about themselves are asked to include a curriculum vitae, and a letter setting out the contribution they believe they could make to the work of the Council.

The names submitted will be considered by a nominating committee of the University Council. The formal appointment is made by public resolution (Grace) of the Regent House on the recommendation of the Council. The recommendation of the Council is not limited to those who have applied.

Further information about the University is contained on the University website (http://www.cam.ac.uk/).

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Cambridge University Reporter 08 October 2008
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