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Allen, Meek, and Read Scholarships, p. 4

American Association of University Women, p. 83

Angear, Thomas, Scholarships, p. 83

Anglo-Danish Society, p. 83

Anglo-Israel Association, p. 83

Arberry, Professor A. J., Travelling Scholarship, p. 16

Arts and Humanities Research Council, p. 84

Baldwin, Stanley, Fund, p. 26

Balfour Fund and Studentship, p. 45

Balfour-Browne Fund, p. 45

Bayne, Charlie, Travel Trust, p. 85

Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Fund, p. 4

Bendall Sanskrit Exhibition, p. 16

Bethune-Baker Fund, p. 51

Bibliographical Society, p. 85

Bridget's Last Resort, p. 86

British Academy, p. 86

British Federation of Women Graduates, p. 86

Brook, Peter, Award, p. 37

Browne, E.G., Memorial Fund, p. 16

Browne, Sir William, Medals, p. 19

Burney Studentship and Fund, p. 51

Bury, Gregg, Prize, p. 52

Burton, Raymond, p. 21

Butler, Montagu, Prize, p. 19

Butterfield Studentship, p. 37

Cambridge European Trust, p. 86

Cambridge Historical Society, p. 86

Cambridge India Partnership Fund, p. 87

Cambridge International Scholarship, p. 4

Cambridge Political Economy Society Trust, p. 87

Cambridge Trust Award, p. 4

Carter, John Brown, p. 87

Carus Greek Testament Prizes, p. 52

Centre for History and Economics Prize Research Grants, p. 27

Chadwick, H. M., Fund, p. 4

Chancellor's Medal for an English Poem, p. 24

Grace and Thomas C. H. Chan Scholarship Fund, p. 5

Chaucer Reading Prize, p. 24

Choate, Joseph Hodges, Memorial Fellowship, p. 88

Christ's College, p. 57

Churchill College, p. 57

Clare College, p. 58

Clare Hall, p. 59

Clemoes Read Prize. p. 12

Coke, Dorothea, Fund, p. 41

Collins, William George, Endowment Fund, p. 23

Cordiale, Entente, Scholarships, p. 88

Corbridge, The Clifford and Mary, Trust, p. 88

Council for British Research in the Levant, p. 89

Cranmer, Archbishop, Prize, Studentship and Grants, p. 27

Crosse Studentships, p. 52

Croucher Foundation of Hong Kong, p. 89

Crowther-Beynon Fund, p. 13

D'Agliano, Luca, Scholarship, p. 21

Daglish, Robert, Fund, p. 5

Daiwa Scholarships, p. 89

Darwin College, p. 60

Davis, Lady, Fellowship Trust, p. 90

Dean, Henry Roy, Prize, p. 38

de Mourgues, Odette, Fund, p. 41

Devon Cambridge Society, p. 90

Disabled Students Bursary Fund, p. 90

Divinity (German Language) Fund, p. 53

Domestic Research Studentship/ Millennium Scholarships, p. 5

Dooley, Denis, Prize in Clinical Anatomy, p. 38

Downing College, p. 60

Drexler, George Foundation, p. 91

Duff, Gordon, Prize, p. 6

Elmore Medical Research Studentship, p. 38

Emmanuel College, p. 61

Evans, Eric, Fund, p. 51

Evans Fellowship, p. 13

Evans Prize, p. 53

Fitzwilliam College, p. 61

Ford of Britain Trust, p. 23

Foreign Travel Fund, p. 6

Fortes Fund, p. 13

Foster, Michael, Studentship, p. 45

Frere, Bartle, Exhibition, p. 6

Fulbright Commission, p. 91

Garden, Isbel Fletcher Fund and Scholarship, p. 13

Gardiner, John Stanley Studentships, p. 46

Gardiner, Robert, Memorial Scholarships, p. 7

Gates Cambridge Trust, p. 7

Gedge Prize, p. 46

German Academic Exchange Service, p. 92

Gerstenberg, Arnold, Studentship, p. 50

Gibson Spanish Scholarship, p. 42

Girton College, p. 62

Glennie Prizes in Child Psychiatry, p. 38

Gonville and Caius College, p. 63

Grimshaw-Parkinson Studentship, p. 38

Hahn, Kurt, Trust, p. 92

Hamilton Prize, p. 46

Hanseatic Scholarship, p. 92

Hardship Awards of Board of Graduate Studies, p. 7

Hare Prize, p. 19

Harness Prize, p. 25

Harvey, William, Studentship, p. 39

Hawkins, Desmond, Award, p. 39

Hawks', Charitable Trust, p. 93

Hebrew University Jerusalem, p. 93

Henderson, John and Margaret, Memorial Prize, p. 39

Henry and Procter Fellowships, p. 93

Hill, Professor Dame Elizabeth, Fund, p. 8

Hinds, Martin, Travel Fund, p. 16

Hort Memorial Fund, p. 53

Howard, Sir Albert, Travel Exhibition, p. 47

Hughes Hall, p. 63

Hulsean Prize, p. 53

Humanitarian Trust Studentship, p. 34

Huppert Prize in Geophysics, p. 47

International Agency for Research on Cancer, p. 94

Jebb Fund, p. 8

Jeremie Prizes, p. 54

Jesus College, p. 64

Johns, C.H.W., Memorial Fund and Studentship, p. 16

Kahn, Richard, Research Studentships, p. 22

Kaye Prize, p. 54

Keith, Alexander James, Fund, p. 47

Kennedy Scholarships, p. 95

Kettle's Yard Travel Fund, p. 15

King's College, p. 65

Kinsella, John, and Ryan, Tracy, Poetry Prize, p. 82

Knox, Frank, Memorial Fellowships, p. 95

Kolb, The Elizabeth Trust, p. 98

Lalor Foundation Grants, p. 98

Le Bas Prize, p. 8

Le Bas Research Studentship, p. 8

Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust, p. 98

Leverhulme Trust, p. 99

Levy, Benn W., Fund and Studentship, p. 47

Lightfoot Scholarships and Grants, p. 28

López-Rey, Manuel, Studentship, p. 21

Lucas, Hedley, Fund, p. 54

Lucy Cavendish College, p. 66

Lundgren Fund, p. 9

McArthur, Ellen, Fund and Prize, p. 29

McNair, Arnold, Scholarships, p. 35

Macpherson, Alasdair Charles, Fund, p. 54

Magdalene College, p. 67

Maitland, Frederic William, Memorial Fund, p. 35

Maitland, Peregrine, Studentship, p. 55

Marr Memorial Fund, p. 48

Members' Classical Prizes, p. 19

Members' English Fund, p. 25

Members' History Prize and Fund, p. 30

Merz, Charles Hesterman, Fund, p. 23

Middleton, T. H. Fund, p. 39

Moir, Rex, Fund, p. 24

Mortensen, Brita, Fund, p. 42

Mosley, Mary Euphrasia, Fund, p. 6

Mott Fund for Physics of the Environment, p. 48

Mulvey, Thomas, Egyptology Fund, p. 17

Munn-Rankin, Margaret, Fund for Assyriology, p. 17

Musgrave, Edith Mary Pratt, p. 48

National Maritime Museum, p. 101

New Hall, p. 68

Newnham College, p. 69

Newton, Isaac, Studentship, p. 48

Norrisian Prize, p. 55

Norton, Sara, Prize and Fund, p. 31

Oldham, Charles, Shakespeare Scholarship, p. 25

Ord Travel Fund, p. 44

Other Prize, p. 82

Paediatrics Prizes, p. 39

Paine, Suzy, Fund, p. 22

Parke-Davis Exchange Fellowship, p. 49

Pembroke College, p. 70

PEO International Peace Scholarship Fund, p.102

Peterhouse, p. 71

Phillpotts, Dame Bertha, Memorial Fund, p. 12

Pinsent-Darwin Studentship, p. 40

Plumb, Sir John, Charitable Trust, p. 103

Porson Prize, p. 20

Prince Consort and Thirlwall Prize and Fund, p. 31

Queen Mary, University of London, p. 103

Queens' College, p. 72

Rapson Scholarship, p. 17

Rausing Studentship, p. 33

Reverence for Life Essay prize, p. 103

Rhodes University, p. 103

Richards Fund, p. 14

Richards, David, Travel Scholarships, p. 26

Ridgeway-Venn Travel Studentship, p. 14

Robinson College, p. 74

Rose Book-Collecting Prize, p. 105

Rose, Holland, Studentship, p. 32

Roth, Henry Ling, Research Fund, p. 14

St Andrew's Society for the State of New York, p. 105

St Catharine's College, p. 74

St Edmund's College, p. 75

Salisbury, F. S., Fund, p. 21

Samuel, Harold, Studentship, p. 34

Scandinavian Studies Fund and Studentship, p. 42

Schiff Foundation, p. 9

Seatonian Prize, p. 55

Sedgwick Prize, p. 49

Sheild, Marmaduke, Scholarships, p. 40

Sidney Sussex College, p. 75

Sims Fund and Scholarship, p. 9

Sinanide, Oreste and Florence, Scholarship, p. 40

Slater, Eliot, Prize in Psychiatry, p. 40

Smart, Frank, Studentship in Botany, p. 49

Smith-Knight Prizes and Rayleigh-Knight Prizes, p. 37

Smuts Memorial Fund, p. 10

Squire, Rebecca Flower, Fund and Scholarship, p. 35

Squire, William Barclay, Essay Prize, p. 44

Steel Theological Studentship, p. 55

Stewart of Rannoch, John, Scholarship in Hebrew, p. 17; in Sacred Music, p. 44

Summer, J. Arthur Ramsay, p. 49

Surgery, Department of, Prize, p. 41

Taylor, C. T., Studentships, p. 10

Taylor, Craig, Fund and Prizes, p. 51

Teape Trust, p. 105

Tennant Fund and Studentship, p. 11

Theological Studies Fund, p. 56

Tiarks German Scholarship Fund, p. 43

Travelling Expenses Fund, p. 11

Trend, J. B., Fund, p. 43

Trinity College, p. 76

Trinity Hall, p. 79

Tudor Studentships, p. 22

Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholarships, p. 18

UAC of Nigeria Travel Fund, p. 12

University of Oxford, p. 105

University of Pennsylvania, p. 106

Von Humboldt, Alexander Foundation Research Fellowships, p. 106

Wakefield Scholarship, p. 21

Wallenberg Prize, p. 44

Weis-Fogh, Hanne and Torkel, p. 50

Whewell, Scholarship in International Law, p. 35

Whitmore, Tim Zoology, p. 50

Widdowson, Elsie Bursary, p. 106

Wiener-Anspach Awards to the University of Brussels (ULB), p. 106

Winchester Reading Prize, p. 11

Wilkin, Anthony, Fund, p. 14

Williams, George, Fund, p. 56

Williamson, Frederick, Memorial Fund, p. 15

Williamson, Raymond and Edith Studentship, p. 33

Winbolt, John, Prize, p. 24

Wingate Scholarships, p. 106

Wordsworth, Fund and Studentship, p. 56

Worts Travelling Scholars Fund, p. 6

Wrenbury Scholarship in Political Economy, p. 23

Wright Studentship, p. 18

Wright, Rogers Law Scholarship, p. 36

Wyse Studentship, p. 15

Ghulam Yazdani Essay Prize, p. 18

Yorke Prize, p. 36

Zonta International, p. 107

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