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The Governing Body of Peterhouse offers annually a number of Research Studentships, open to men or women who will not normally have been undergraduate members of the College; if candidates of sufficient merit present themselves, elections into not more than three Studentships may take place in July 2009.

Candidates should have applied to the University of Cambridge Board of Graduate Studies to state study for the degree of Ph.D. not more than ten years from when they began their first university or similar qualification. Prospective candidates over this age limit should write to the Senior Tutor explaining why they believe that their candidature should be considered; in certain circumstances (e.g. where an applicant's academic career has been unavoidably interrupted) allowances may be made. Candidates must be graduates of a University in the United Kingdom or elsewhere: if not graduates they should have graduated by August 2009. They must intend to be candidates for the degree of Ph.D. in the University of Cambridge. Tenure of a Studentship is subject to the condition that the elected Student be accepted by the Board of Graduate Studies. Application to the Board is made through the Graduate Application Form.

Application forms for Studentships can be found on the Peterhouse website at http://www.pet.cam.ac.uk or may be obtained from the Senior Tutor, Peterhouse, Cambridge, CB2 1RD. Studentship applications, together with a curriculum vitae, must reach the Senior Tutor not later than 1 April 2009. Graduate Application Forms together with the Graduate Studies Prospectus, may be obtained from the Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ.

In awarding Studentships, first consideration will be given to candidates who nominate Peterhouse as their College of first preference in the Graduate Application Form. Studentships may only be held at Peterhouse.

Studentships will only be awarded to candidates subject to their obtaining satisfactory results in their final degree examinations.

An elected Student will be required to come into residence in October 2009. The Studentships are subject to reviews of diligence and progress and are renewable annually for up to a maximum of three years' total tenure.

The value of a Studentship will be determined after considering a successful candidate's income from other Studentships or similar sources. A Student without other emoluments of this kind receives a maintenance award set at the value recommended by the Board of Graduate Studies for a home - or an overseas or EU registered graduate student as appropriate year. A Peterhouse Research Student without other income as described also receives direct payment of certain approved fees by the College on the Student's behalf. The Studentship is thus generally sufficient to cover all fees and basic living expenses. These awards are for study at Peterhouse only.

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