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Jesus College


Jesus College offers one or more prizes of £500 each year for essays concerning the Philosophy of Religion by members of the University who, at the time when the essays are submitted, have taken Honours in Classics or Theology at any university within the preceding three years and who have not previously been awarded a Chadwick Prize.


Jesus College is part of the University's Domestic Research Studentship Scheme, and students from the UK or the EU who intend to take up a position at Cambridge as a registered graduate student with the intention of pursuing Ph.D. research may be nominated for this scheme by the Department or Faculty to which they have applied. The highest ranked candidate, giving Jesus as their first choice College, will be awarded the studentship.


The College makes grants of £500 to Clinical Medical students who took the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos at Jesus College. The grants are to assist with the costs of the medical elective.


The John Eliot Scholarship is awarded for one year to a student from Harvard University following a graduate course of study at Jesus College.


A small number of bursaries are available to British, Greek, and Greek Cypriot students of Jesus College.


Elections are made each year to Research Fellowships. The competition is advertised in the Reporter, and is open to persons who have completed, or are near to completing, their doctoral research.


The College makes grants to Jesus College graduate students, subject to availability up to £500 to help research students in need with a contribution towards expenses of fieldwork, study travel or attendance of conferences. Applications should be made in advance of the expenditure. There are two different funds available:

The Doctoral Research Fund offers support to Ph.D. students for research expenses. This would include financial assistance, as at present, for research visits, to attend conferences or courses and for other journeys which are essential to the student's course. The fund does not cover the purchase or transportation of equipment or other incidentals. A Ph.D. student would not be expected to apply more than once a year.

The Graduate Research Fund offers limited financial assistance for research-related expenses (field trips, archival research or short research placements) normally to those graduates who are currently registered on Master's courses recognised by Research Councils for 1+3 Studentships. Exceptionally, applications to support the preparation of a thesis by Master's students could be considered if adequate supporting evidence is provided to show the relationship of the Master's thesis to doctoral research and/or progression to the doctoral programme. The fund does not cover teaching-related costs (e.g. chemical reagents, equipment, essential photocopying) incurred by students as an integral part of their courses or towards travel on course-organised trips. These are covered by the University fee. Nor would the Fund cover remedial English or foreign language teaching.


The College awards one annual bursary of at least £450 to a student resident in the counties of Northumberland, Durham or Tyne-and-Wear, having regard to financial circumstances, academic record and general contribution to the life of the College.


Jesus College invites applications for a Research Scholarship commencing in October 2009. The holder of the Scholarship must be, or seek to be, a candidate for the degree of Ph.D in the University of Cambridge. The Scholarship is tenable in any subject relevant to China's needs and is open to men or women from the People's Republic of China.

The holder of the Scholarship must have graduated by August 2008, and election to the Scholarship will usually be conditional on excellent results in degree examinations.

The Scholarship will meet the full cost of University and College fees. The level of maintenance payments will be determined after considering the successful candidate's income from other sources. Candidates will be expected to apply for ORS awards under the scheme administered by the Universities UK.


The College, in collaboration with the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, offers two scholarships entitled The David M. Livingstone (Australia) Scholarships to enable graduates of outstanding academic merit and leadership potential, and who are also citizens of Australia, to pursue a one-year taught postgraduate course of study at the University of Cambridge. The scholarships cover University fees at the overseas rates and College fees at Jesus College, and the maintenance allowance sufficient for a single student, together with a contribution towards a return airfare by the cheapest available route.


The Edwin Stanley Roe Prize (current value £200) is offered to a junior member (undergraduate or graduate) of the College for an essay of approximately 5,000 to 6,000 words on any topic explicitly related to the work of Charles Dickens.

Essays submitted need not have been written specifically for this prize, but they should not have been submitted previously for this prize, or have been submitted previously or be submitted simultaneously for any other prize.


The Kenneth Sutherland scholarship is offered from time to time (one scholar to be in residence at Jesus College at any one time). It is open to prospective Ph.D. students from Canada with a preference for those wanting to study Engineering. The award is for University composition fees at the home rate and applicable College fees. Candidates should apply for an ORS award and should normally be successfully nominated for an ORS award or an ORS equivalent award, which meets the difference between the higher overseas rate and the lower domestic rate of the University Composition Fee.


The College makes a small number of grants of £1,000 on an annual basis to undergraduate and graduate students who are children of Ministers ordained according to the Rites of the Church of England.


The Thian Prize (current value (£200) is offered to a student of veterinary medicine (graduate or undergraduate) at Jesus College for an essay on the practice of veterinary medicine.

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