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Annual Report of the Sports Syndicate for the year 2004-05

The University Sports Syndicate reports to the Council as follows:

1. The Syndicate

The Sports Syndicate met on five occasions during the academical year with Dr J. R. F. Fairbrother, T, the Vice-Chancellor's Deputy, as Chairman. The Syndicate welcomed Miss Rachel Howe, NH, and Miss Sian Clement, W, appointed by the Women's Blues Committee, and Mr Dan Bray, R, Mr Rob Fulford, CTH, and Mr Paul Riley, EM, appointed by the Blues Committee. Mr Wes Streeting was appointed junior representative of the Colleges. Senior members representing various University institutions included Dr J. Lasenby, T, Dr J. A. Little, CTH, Ms D. Lowther, G, Dr R. E. McConnel, JN, Dr J. K. M. Moody, K, Mr C. Pratt, F, Miss R. Shaw, Mr A. Thompson, M, Dr D. M. Turner, PET, and Mr A. D. Lemons, HH, as Secretary.

2. Staff

Mr A. D. Lemons continued as Director of Physical Education and Secretary to the Sports Syndicate with Mrs Karen Pearce, Physical Education Officer. Mr A. K. Rodgers, Head of Sports Estates and Building Management, retired from University service during the year. Other members of the administrative staff included Mrs Barbara Beckett, Chief Secretary, Mr Mark Warner, Financial Clerical Assistant, and Mrs Zenobia Tavaria, Clerical Assistant. A comprehensive list of all staff members may be found at http://www.sport.cam.ac.uk/.

3. Funding

The Syndicate received funding under the current arrangements from the Colleges and the University Chest. The Colleges contribution for 2004-05 was increased to £3.27 per junior member in residence. This represented an increase of 27p on the previous year, realising an income of £55,905. The University's contribution was also increased to yield a figure of £40,316. The Syndicate also benefited from interest accruing to this account of £996. The income was used mainly to make grants to the 54 sports clubs recognised by the Syndicate. The grants play a crucial role in making it possible for these clubs to operate and for ensuring access for talented students, not just those who can afford to compete.

The Sport in Cambridge Fund income during 2004-05 was £5,203, with interest during the year of £2,694, increasing the Fund to a total of £66,968. The Fund, derived from the University's Licensing Programme under an agreement approved by the Council in 1993, is administered by the Sports Syndicate and is specifically for capital projects.

The Syndicate has met the University's obligations to the British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) and continues to contribute to the part payment of travel to BUSA events.

4. Approved University Sports Clubs

Under Regulation 7(c) of the regulations of the Sports Syndicate, the Syndicate is charged with maintaining a list of approved University sports clubs. This list for 2004-05 is published in Appendix 1.

5. Assistance to Clubs

The Syndicate's Committee on Grants met on four occasions during the year with Ms Rachel Shaw as Chairman. Other members of the Committee include all junior members of the Syndicate with Mrs K. Pearce as Secretary. The Committee received applications from 46 University sporting clubs and gave a total in recurrent grants of £57,380, non-recurrent grants of £8,478.86, and grants towards those clubs reaching the last 32 and finals of BUSA competitions of £1,919.68. A full list of grants awarded to clubs is included as Appendix 2. The Syndicate made grants to clubs of £7,090 for use of the facilities at Fenner's Tennis and Cricket Ground under arrangements approved by the Syndicate.

6. British Universities Sports Association

The Syndicate, acting on behalf of the University sporting clubs of Cambridge, has continued to contribute to the affairs of the British Universities Sports Association (BUSA). The Syndicate nominated Mrs Pearce and Mr Lemons as Vice-Presidents BUSA. The Syndicate paid a subscription of £9,372, based on 51 teams in 2003-04 at £86.26 per team, 359 individual entries in 2003-04.

7. Licensing arrangements

The market's confidence has continued to be restored as reflected by further improvements on last year in both new and renewed patents and royalties. Total cash income for 2004-05 of £78,670, with additional non-cash benefits, was received. Only a small number of University clubs currently benefit from this income, with the University receiving 15%. Beneficiaries include the nine Clubs involved in the former arrangements in the Adpro Scheme, an expansion of areas and benefits from licences granted by CU Rugby Union Football Club and the CU Polo Club. This Report does not include figures for any club undertaking private arrangements negotiated outside the scheme approved by the University.

8. Eric Evans Fund

The bequest from the Trustees of the Eric Evans Memorial Fund to establish the Eric Evans Fund produced an interest of £2,850 during 2004-05, which was made available for awards. The Syndicate appointed Dr J. Lasenby and Dr J. A. Little to act with the Director of Physical Education as Managers for the Fund. The Managers made the following awards:

Grace ClementsEMAthletics
Gemma FarrellJNSailing
Adam GilbertFRugby Union
Ed GunnMSnowboarding
Ben HopeJNCross Country
Rachel HoweNHSailing
Julian LeeCHRSwimming
Harry LeitchFSquash
Natalie McGoldrickCHUEquestrian
Emma PooleyTHTriathlon/Duathlon
Euan SpenceTHSwimming
Graeme SpenceTHSwimming
Steven StuartJERowing
Rachel TomlinsonFPole Vault

9. Wilberforce Road Sports Ground

The Committee of Management met on two occasions during the year, reporting to the Sports Syndicate, with Dr J. Lasenby as Chairman. Other members of the Committee included:

Wilberforce Road Management Committee


Dr J Lasenby, T

Director of Physical Education (Secretary)

Mr A. D. Lemons, HH

President of Cambridge University Athletics Club

Mr Dan Bray, R

Team Captain of Men's or Women's CU Athletics Club

Miss Grace Clements, EM

Senior Treasurer of CU Athletics Club

Mr Chris Pratt, F

Local Athletics

Mr Barry Wallman
Dr Neil Costello

Captain CU Hare and Hounds Club

Mr Ben Hope, JN

Captain CU Hockey Club

Mr Rob Fulford, CTH

Captain CU Women's Hockey Club

Miss Rachel Wheeler, CAI

Senior Treasurer CU Combined Hockey Club

Dr R. E. McConnel, JN

The academical year 2004-05 represented the tenth full year of operation of the Wilberforce Road Sports Ground since the opening of the Athletics Track and Pavilion in May 1995. Although operating well below its full potential due to a lack of any floodlighting provision for athletics or hockey, the sports ground has continued to increase its activities. The track remains the premier facility for athletics in the area and, as such, is the operational and training base for all athletes. Access is offered to University staff and their families or individuals, clubs, and schools outside the University (matriculated students having free access to facilities), taking out seasonal or half seasonal user cards. Group bookings are reported for each facility below.

Mr Parker, Custodian, assisted by Mr Maurice Benn, continued throughout the year. The Department Secretary, Mrs B. Beckett, undertook all bookings.

Athletics track

The track is the base for the UK Athletics Regional Coach, the University Athletics Club, and the Cambridge and Coleridge Athletics Club for City members. Many other sporting clubs from different disciplines used the track for training purposes. Groups booking the track at various times throughout the year include:

Synthetic hockey pitch

The Syndicate commissioned a study into alternative floodlighting schemes for the athletics track and the current and proposed synthetic surfaces. The study, undertaken by Material Science Consultants, investigated the technical aspects of the provision of training lights for the athletics track and the requirements of national level hockey lighting for the synthetic surfaces. A public consultation on the new proposals will be undertaken in 2005-06.

The synthetic hockey pitch in 2004-05 continued to operate at close to its optimum capacity. However, more than any other facility the synthetic pitch suffers from a lack of floodlighting. The potential of this facility would be in excess of twice the current use given such provision. The pitch was predominantly used throughout the year by the University Men's and Women's Hockey Clubs with other groups at various times as follows:

Sports pavilion

The improved catering and bar facilities have increased the demand for this very attractive facility. The management committee endeavour to maintain a balance between the primary uses of servicing the needs of University sports clubs and providing a venue for sports conferences, seminars, and training days, and the more commercially attractive social functions. Groups making use of the facilities at various times include:

10. Fenner's Tennis and Cricket Ground

Fenner's Committee

Chairman: Dr D. M. Turner

Director of Physical Education (Secretary): Mr A. D. Lemons

Senior Member appointed by CU Cricket Club: Professor K. Siddle

Senior Member appointed by CU Lawn Tennis Club: Sir Geoffrey Cass

Senior Member appointed by CU Cricket and Athletics: Dr A. Cosh

2004-05 marked the fifth year of operation under the newly established Fenner's Committee as a Committee of the Sports Syndicate. Mr J. Moden continued as Head Groundskeeper, assisted by Miss Hannah Tripe, Junior Groundskeeper. Mr Steven Lawie, Deputy Head Groundskeeper, left University employment in July.

Fenner's remains the base for the MCC Universities Centre for Cricketing Excellence, the CU Cricket Club, and the CU Lawn Tennis Club, and during the Michaelmas Term the CU Association Football Club and the CU Falcons Association Football Club. As such its first-class facilities were used by a number of County teams for tennis and cricket matches and several professional football clubs whilst playing against the University.

Groups using Fenner's cricket facilities during the year include:

Groups using Fenner's tennis facilities during the year include:

The development of Fenner's as a County Centre of Cricketing Excellence continued to make progress with many outside groups and individuals using the facilities. Details of the development are available at http://www.sport.cam.ac.uk/cricket/facilitiesanddevelopments.html.

Groups using Fenner's Indoor Cricket School include:

11. University Centre for Cricketing Excellence

The Management Group for the UCCE met on two occasions throughout the year. The Senior Coach, Mr Chris Scott, supervised the development of the selected students who are drawn from male and female students at Cambridge and Anglia Polytechnic (now known as Anglia Ruskin) Universities. The programme included a range of physiological tests and training supervision provided by APU, skills and techniques coaching, and a number of matches. The scheme is overseen by the ECB but now funded by the MCC. The total expenditure for the year's programme totalled £84,000 of which the MCC provided a grant of £65,000, with sponsors and the CUCC the balance. APU provided a significant number of services without charge to the scheme.

12. Physical Education Centre - Fenner's

The Physical Education Centre remains the administrative offices and main central University facility. The two gymnasiums continue to provide a basic training venue for many University and College clubs and as such are in great demand. Circuit training classes and other exercise groups led by department recreational assistants remain popular.

The Fitness Suite, for which there is a charge to all users, continues to maintain its attraction with a membership of 2,214 in the year. Income to offset the running costs totalled £79,471 drawn from student members, staff members, UCLES/CUP members, partner and family members, and alumni.

Mr Tristan Coles and Mr Brett Gooch continued as Recreational Assistants and Fitness Advisers, supported by part-time Recreational Assistants and generally supervised membership applications (all applicants undertake self assessing medical screening) and the maintenance and safety of the fitness suite and other induction courses, classes in aerobics and circuit training.

An analysis of the fitness suite membership is detailed in Appendix 3.

13. University Sports website

This year saw the continued success of the CU Sports website, http://www.sport.cam.ac.uk/. Creating an active interface between the University home page and University and College Sports Clubs, the site is designed to provide information to the University community, information to all outside the University on all aspects of University sport, and a news and publicity forum. An integrated e-mail system provides a rapid communication system, cost effectively overcoming many of the inherent communication problems of a collegiate University with a range of semi-independent sports clubs. The site gives details of all sports activities and contains Sports Syndicate documentation. All applications for grant support, BUSA communication, and other administrative matters are incorporated into the system. The site is linked to a number of external sites and provides up-to-date information on new facilities and results of University and College sports teams.

14. West Cambridge sports facilities

The fund-raising campaign continues with the launch by the Vice-Chancellor of the Cambridge 800th Anniversary Campaign to meet the cost of what will be one of the most advanced sports facilities in the country. The full report is available for consultation at http://www.sport.cam.ac.uk/westcambridgedevelopment/index.html.

15. Health and Safety

Following the University's Health and Safety Guidelines, and in compliance with the Sports Syndicate's general responsibility for the management of University premises, facilities, and services for sport and physical recreation, the Physical Education Department continued its extensive review of its Health and Safety policy and procedures. The Department Safety Committee met during each term. It oversaw the drafting of a number of significant documents in support of Health and Safety within the University and its sports clubs. A report of this important area of work appears as Appendix 4.

16. Community sport Volunteer Coaching Scheme

20 students were involved in regular placements (i.e. once a week or once a fortnight).

27 students were registered with the scheme.

Approximately 359 of voluntary hours undertaken (including one-off events).

Placements included: Cambridge Archers, Cambridge and Coleridge Athletics Club, Hurst Badminton Club, Schools Cross County Squad, Cambridgeshire Football Association, Beechwood School, Cambridge University Playscheme, Castle Project, Exercise Referral Rowing Scheme, Cambridge Disabled Kids, and Cantabrigian Rowing Club.

The following number of students accessed training through the scheme:

Archery Coaching Level one (2), Child Protection (2), Swimming Coaching Level 2 (1), Football Coaching Level 1 (3), Athletics Coaching Level 1 (1), Coaching Disabled Users (1).

Course attendance was paid for either by the scheme, volunteers, or in partnership with the organisation running the activities.

Cambridge Science Festival

The PE Department ran three events in March 2005 as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

Science of Sport for Schools (Friday)

An Interactive Sports Science Event for school groups was held in the Indoor Cricket School. Three fully booked sessions with two junior schools, two secondary schools, and a group of home-educated students taking part. 112 children and teachers attended.

Science of Sport Open Day (Saturday)

An Interactive Sports Science Event for family groups was held in the Indoor Cricket School from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 366 people attended the event.

Cricket Coaching and video analysis (Sunday)

Practical coaching and analysis sessions run by the UCCE Head Coach and UCCE students from the University of Cambridge and Anglia Polytechnic University. The sessions were booked with 54 children and adults participating.


22 students and 7 members of staff were involved in the Science of Sport Events. A student volunteer took responsibility for recruiting and managing the student volunteers for the event.

Funding and local support

The Community Sports Project is kindly funded by grants from the University Active Community Fund. A BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Trustline Grant of £240 was awarded to the scheme in 2005. The Science of Sport event was sponsored by Cambridge University Press (£500 of sponsorship and £500 of printing). Grays Sports and Hobbs Sports donated prizes. Equipment was loaned from Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge United Football Club and Coleridge Community College.

Higher Education Active Community Fund Student Volunteering Awards

The Community Sports Project was short-listed by HEACF for a Student Volunteering award. The awards recognise the achievements of projects that have met the objectives of the HEACF, taking into account short-term and long-term volunteering opportunities, diversity, community relationships, systems developed, opportunities to enhance the volunteering experience, and sustainability.

Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme 2004-05

The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) is a Government funded programme that represents a partnership between sport and higher and further education. The programme awards Scholarships and Bursaries to talented athletes that are committed to combining their sport and education. It aims to reduce the drop out of talented athletes from sport and supports and develops the talent of today for sporting success in the future. Athletes do not directly receive any financial award but receive access to sporting services through the University of Cambridge, Anglia Polytechnic University, and their National Governing Body. These include; coaching, strength and conditioning, sports science support, medical support and insurance, competition and training expenses, and lifestyle management.

The following athletes were awarded TASS Scholarships in 2004-05 to the value of £3,000 each:

Kosi AbdullaiWomen's Rugby UnionUniversity of Cambridge
Bethan CardenSailingUniversity of Cambridge
Sam CuttsEquestrianUniversity of Cambridge
Philip EdwardsCricket (UCCE)Anglia Polytechnic University
Gemma FarrellSailingUniversity of Cambridge
Rachel HoweSailingUniversity of Cambridge
Alexis ManionCricket (UCCE)Anglia Polytechnic University
Jon PinnerSailingUniversity of Cambridge
Tom SavillCricket (UCCE)University of Cambridge
Tom WebleyCricket (UCCE)Anglia Polytechnic University

Appendix 1

CU Sports Clubs approved by the Sports Syndicate

Appendix 2

Sports Syndicate Grants, 2004-05

CU ClubRecurrent AssistanceNon-RecurrentBUSA Travel
Association Football£2,289.00  
Association Football - Women's   
Athletics £3,330.00£500.00 
Basketball - Women's£846.00  
Boat Club - Women's£1,221.00£1,000.00 
Bowmen£832.50(£1,000 guarantee) 
Cricket £1,874.00 £225.00 
Eton Fives£777.00  
Fencing£1,206.00 £527.00 
Hare and Hounds£1,088.00  
Hockey - Men and Women£2,094.00£2,528.86 
Ice Hockey£1,110.00  
Ice Hockey - Women's£1,054.50  
Lacrosse - Women's£970.50 £208.68
Lawn Tennis £3,010.50 £308.00
Lightweight Rowing£800.00  
Modern Pentathlon£1,075.00  
Powerlifting Club£344.10  
Real Tennis£399.60  
Revolver and Pistol£333.00£510.00 
Rifle Association£832.50£1,200.00 
Rugby Fives£832.50  
Rugby Football - Women's£1,179.00  
Rugby League£846.00  
Ski and Snowboard  £500.00 
Small Bore£388.50  
Squash and Rackets£1,414.50  
Swimming and Waterpolo£7,089.00  
Table Tennis£415.50  £126.00
Volleyball£2,469.00  £525.00

Appendix 3

Fitness Suite Membership

Membership subscription 2000-05


Membership Subscription 2004-05

Students (inc. Counselling referrals 25)1,690
Cambridge Assessment65

pie chart showing ages of Fitness Suite members pie chart showing gender of Fitness Suite members

College Affiliations

 Student members of gymStudent members of College*%
Christ's College6451912
Churchill College456946
Clare College546069
Clare Hall81525
Corpus Christi College283987
Darwin College8647818
Downing College8061313
Emmanuel College10663317
Fitzwilliam College426506
Girton College316745
Gonville and Caius College13669619
Homerton College991,1409
Hughes Hall15142935
Jesus College396856
King's College455308
Lucy Cavendish College141868
Magdalene College304856
New Hall74362
Newnham College185283
Pembroke College195993
Peterhouse College4536612
Queens' College427855
Robinson College384898
St Catherine's College9259317
St Edmund's College4131813
St John's College158112
Selwyn College384918
Sidney Sussex College7949816
Trinity College581,0016
Trinity Hall7353414
Wolfson College64611

* Figures based on full-time undergraduate and postgraduate College student numbers as published in the Reporter, Special No. 19, Friday 26 August 2005, Vol CXXXV, Table 12. Student numbers by College, 2004-2005.

Appendix 4

Annual Health and Safety Report 2004-05

1. Health and Safety Committee

The Department Health and Safety Committee met four times in the academical year 2004-05.

Terms of Reference:

The Department Health and Safety Committee aims to:

2. Officers Responsible for Safety

The Director of Physical Education is responsible for the implementation of the University Health and Safety Policy within the Physical Education Department. The following staff assist the Director in implementation of the University Safety Policy at the Department level:

Department Safety OfficerKaren Pearce
Department Fire ManagerAnthony Rodgers/Tristan Coles (Nov 2004)
Deputy Fire ManagerRobert Barber
Department Chemical Safety ManagerPhilip Parker

3. Safety Documentation

A. Safety Information

Safety Information Sheets were available for each site. Site Safety leaflets, codes of practice, and key safety information were available online. Guidance on policies and procedures, risk assessment and codes of practice, first aid requirements, insurance, and training was also available online for University Sports Clubs.

B. Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments were reviewed during the year for sports facilities under the management of the Physical Education Department and all staff activities, including those undertaken by work experience students. Chemicals used for cleaning and Ground maintenance were assessed using the University Chemical Risk Assessment Forms.

C. Community Sports Projects

The Department ran a successful programme of National Science Week activities for local school groups and families. Risk Assessments were completed for all activities and Health and Safety management and Child Protection information packs were distributed to volunteers. First Aiders were on duty throughout the events.

D. Child Protection Policy

A draft Department Child Protection Policy was approved by the Sports Syndicate and forwarded to the University Registrary, Personnel Division, and the Colleges Senior Tutors' Committee for comment.

4. First Aid

A. First Aid for Sport Group

The University First Aid Sub-committee agreed to the formation of a First Aid for Sport Group. The group will cover all areas of first aid, focusing on common sports injuries, the management of injuries on the field of play, dealing with sports personnel, children and young people, athletes with disabilities and elite sports performers, and strategies for promoting recovery and return to sport. The first meeting of the group took place in March 2005 with Mr Owen Tucker acting as Group Leader. The group will normally meet once a term. Meetings are open to PE Department staff, University Sports Club Coaches, Club First Aiders and other University First Aiders with a specific responsibility or interest in sports injuries.

B. First Aid Qualifications and Training

The Department continued to invest in First Aid training for staff.

The following members of staff hold First Aid at Work qualifications:

Mr Tristan Coles(expires Oct 2006) 
Mr Brett Gooch (expires Feb 2008) 
Mr Wayne Jacobs(expires June 2006) 
Mr Anthony Lemons(expires Feb 2008) 
Mr Chris Matthewman (expires Feb 2008) 
Mr John Moden(expires Feb 2008)Department First Aider
Mr Philip Parker(expires Oct 2005)Department First Aider
Mrs Karen Pearce(expires Feb 2008) 
Mr Chris Scott(expires Feb 2008)Department First Aider

The following staff have attended an Emergency Aid for appointed persons course:

C. Defibrillator for PE Centre

The Occupational Health Service and the Physical Education Department jointly purchased a defibrillator for the Fenner's Site. The defibrillator is held behind reception. The Physical Education Department are responsible for undertaking the daily equipment check and the Occupational Health Division carry out weekly and monthly checks. The following Physical Education staff attended defibrillator training in November 2004:

5. Fire Safety

Fire alarm systems were tested on a weekly basis at Wilberforce Road and Fenner's Physical Education Centre. The manual fire bell at Fenner's was tested biannually. Building fire drills were undertaken at each term.

6. Inspections

Department inspections took place in the Easter Term 2005. The Inspection team consisted of:

The Department Health and Safety Committee received the Inspection Reports.

7. Maintenance, minor works, and equipment purchases

Restoration work was undertaken throughout the PE Centre following a serious flood in June 2004. The gym floor was sanded, marked and sealed, floor tiles replaced, walls repainted, and damaged electrical equipment and sports equipment replaced.

8. Health and Safety Training

The Department continued to invest in Health and Safety related training for its staff. The following training was undertaken in 2004-05:

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV
  British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation (BACR)

Brett Gooch
Certified Personnel Trainer
  National Strength and Conditioning Association

Tristan Coles
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  National Strength and Conditioning Association

Tristan Coles
Core Stability Certification

Tristan Coles
Level 4 Cricket Coach
  English Cricket Board

Chris Scott
Stress Management Briefing
  Health and Safety Division

Karen Pearce
Pregnancy Briefing
  Health and Safety Division

Karen Pearce
Ladder Safety Training (December 2004)
  Health and Safety Division

Robert Barber
Brett Gooch
Steve Lawrie
John Moden
Phil Parker
Hannah Tripe

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