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Wiener-Anspach Awards to the University of Brussels (ULB) 2005-2006

The Trustees of the Wiener-Anspach Foundation, whose aim is to promote educational relations between the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, offer Research Fellowships and Postgraduate Scholarships in any department of the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) for graduates (in any subject) of Oxford and Cambridge Universities (who need not have graduated at the time of application).

Up to ten awards are available to Oxford and Cambridge graduates for the academic year 2005-2006.

(a) The Scholarships are awarded for study leading to postgraduate diplomas conferred by the University of Brussels. They may be of particular interest to students who wish to study law, economics, or political science with an emphasis on the European Union. The « Institut d'Etudes Européennes » within the University, founded in 1963, organises a 'diplome d'études spécialisées (DES)' in European Law, European Economics, and European Political Science. The EU institutions are situated near the Institute of European Studies, and students are able to use their research facilities and to meet prominent people within the Commission. The Institute also organises expeditions to the European Parliament and to the Court of Justice. Information on programmes offered at the ULB may be found at www.ulb.ac.be
(b) Recent graduates (who need to have graduated at the time of application) and young researchers wishing to begin the preparation of a PhD thesis may apply for a grant to assist them with the cost of research in any department of the Université Libre de Bruxelles for any period not exceeding one year in all disciplines. Those with such a project in mind should send a letter which would indicate precisely the nature of the project, the name of the promoter in Oxford or Cambridge and the name of the person or the department at the Université Libre de Bruxelles who is prepared to provide facilities and necessary assistance.

The value of the awards will be 16.000 euros for one academic year. University fees are also paid for by the Foundation.

Application forms may be obtained from the Registrary (addressed to the Awards Clerk), Old Schools, Trinity Lane, CB2 1TN, telephone 01223 332318. Applications must be accompanied by the following supporting documents: a full curriculum vitae, copies of any degree certificates obtained to date, academic transcripts, two academic references, a precise, but brief description of the research or study that you propose to undertake. (For applicants for the Research Fellowships only:) a detailed research proposal indicating the precise nature of the project and a letter of recommendation from the person at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles who has agreed to supervise the project.

It is essential that candidates have a good knowledge of spoken and written French as all courses will be conducted in French. Candidates who have no recent appropriate certificate of proficiency in French are advised to ask either the Tutor in French at their colleges or staff member at the University Language Teaching Centre to provide them with a test in oral French, and to certify that their speaking and comprehension are of a sufficiently high standard to enable them to pursue a course taught in French.

It is a condition of the award that successful candidates should submit two written reports within twelve months of completing their course at ULB.

Postdoctoral research grants may also be considered on an ad hoc basis, full information should be obtained from the Wiener-Anspach Foundation (fwa@ulb.ac.be)

Applications must be submitted to the Registrary by 10 January 2006.

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Cambridge University Reporter 11 November 2005
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