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Cambridge Political Economy Society Trust

The Trust was established in 1985 by the Cambridge Political Economy Society (which produces The Cambridge Journal of Economics and Contributions to Political Economy). Its stated aims are (a) to advance the education of the public in political economy and related matters, and (b) to promote research in matters pertaining to political economy and to publish the useful results of such research. The Trustees interpret this to include all studies within the social sciences, which are germane to economics, and applications are welcomed from Economics and other Faculties within the University.

The Trustees have two statutory meetings a year. The current deadlines for applications for funding are 1 January and 1 July. Since the Trustees wish to use their funds to support as many students as possible, they expect all candidates who are eligible for public funding (including ORS awards and ESRC studentships) to have made such applications.

Supplementary grants are available to registered graduate students of the University of Cambridge. Most of the supplementary grants made by the Trustees are (a) cases where a modest grant will enable a Graduate Student registered for the Ph.D. Degree to complete a Ph.D. dissertation or (b) cases where a small grant may help the procurement of funds from elsewhere.

In addition, the Trustees have established a fully-funded research scholarship open to candidates who have been accepted (or expect to be accepted by 30 September 2006) by the University as Graduate Students commencing research leading to the Ph.D. in economics and/or cognate studies in any Faculty or Department of the University. This Scholarship is not intended for students who have already commenced their three years of Ph.D. research. (Registered Ph.D. students at Cambridge, and those who have been admitted to a post-Masters course of study at Cambridge leading directly to a Ph.D., are therefore ineligible.) The Trust may offer successful candidates either a full scholarship or fees-only award. The full scholarship covers payment of University and College fees, and a maintenance grant, comparable to the rates which apply to Economic and Social Research Council Studentships. Applications are open to citizens of European Union Countries and overseas students. The Trust is aware that funding of graduate studies in economics and related disciplines for UK citizens is very limited and particularly encourages well-qualified candidates who are UK citizens to apply. However, decisions on the award of Scholarships will be on academic merit and on the relevance of the proposed research to the aims of the Trust.

Applications for the Research Scholarship must be submitted by the July deadline. Further information about application for all types of grant may be obtained by writing to the Chairman of the Trustees, c/o the CJE Office, Room 66, Faculty of Economics, Austin Robinson Building, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DD.

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Cambridge University Reporter 11 November 2005
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