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Newnham College


Newnham offers a number of substantial part studentships for UK students registered for M.Phil. or Ph.D. (up to 50% of the sum of fees and maintenance). These studentships may be held in conjunction with partial support from other sources, including the University's Domestic Research Studentship Scheme or Faculty funding.

Some studentships offer only 1 year's support; some can support students through 3 years of Ph.D. work. These studentships are available for any field of academic study, but particular studentships are specifically designated for support of students of anthropology and sociology of religion and archaeology; others are available in maths, humanities and natural sciences.

Our practice is to offer these studentships to students who are about to embark on their M.Phil. or Ph.D. research.


This is a substantial partial studentship offered to a Venezuelan woman wishing to read for the M.Phil. in any subject. This studentship may be complemented by funding from other sources such as a British Council Chevening Scholarship or the Cambridge Overseas Trust. It will next be available for the academic year 2006-07.


The Wood-Whistler Medal, accompanied by an honorarium of £2,500, is intended to reward an outstanding graduate student who undertakes her research in English at Newnham College.



Any Newnham graduate student with a first-class honours degree or a high pass degree or other distinctions at Master's level will, as an incoming graduate student, automatically be considered for these studentships. The value of each studentship, tenable for 2006-07, will be between £350 and £500.


A scholarship worth £500 is available to a Newnham graduate returning to study for a M.Phil. or Ph.D. in public policy, economics, health or social welfare.


Studentships may be awarded to students continuing from their first to second or second to third year of research. Students progressing from the M.Phil. to the Ph.D. who are incorporating their M.Phil. year as part of their Ph.D. are also eligible. These studentships are currently worth £500. A substantial piece of written work is part of the application.


Newnham College participates in the University's Domestic Research Studentship Scheme. This is open to UK and EU students who wish to undertake research as registered Graduate Students in any field of study within the University. Students must be registered as Ph.D. or prospective Ph.D. candidates. Please note that the applications for this scheme are made through a Department or Faculty.

For details of application procedures and forms for all studentships, contact the Graduate Tutor, Newnham College. For Major and Continuing Studentships, the application deadline is 1 April, with awards made by July to be taken up the following October. Entrance Studentships will be awarded on the basis of the BGS application; there is no deadline.


The Managers of the Kathleen Hughes Memorial Fund give notice that they are prepared to receive applications for a small grant or grants in aid of research to be made from the Fund, the purpose of which is to promote study in the history and culture of the period AD 500 - AD 1200 in Britain, Ireland and Europe.

The award is open to all members of the University, but preference may be given to applicants in statu pupillari. Applications should be sent to Dr J. Quinn, Newnham College, so as to reach her by 30 April 2006, and must include details of the project for which support is sought and a statement of any other assistance for which application has been made. Grants are not made for general maintenance. Applicants in statu pupillari are requested to ask at least one referee to write in support of their application directly to Dr J. Quinn so as to reach her by 30 April 2006.


The Studentship, which is open to both men and women, was founded in 1986 to honour Professor Whitelock's outstanding contribution to Anglo-Saxon and kindred studies. The Studentship is tenable for one year from October, and in 2006 will have a value of approximately £450.

Applications from students already embarked on Cambridge Courses: The Studentship is open to current M.Phil. and Ph.D. students who during the tenure of the Studentship will not have completed twelve terms of graduate study. Applicants should send a letter explaining the stage of their research to Dr J. Quinn, Newnham College, Cambridge, CB3 9DF, by 1 June 2006. Each applicant should also ask his or her supervisor to write a letter of recommendation directly to Dr Quinn so as to reach her by 1 June 2006. A previous holder of the Studentship may apply in subsequent years. Candidates may be required to submit a piece of written work.

Applications from entrants to Cambridge Courses: The Studentship is also open to candidates for admission as Graduate Students working for the M.Phil. or Ph.D. degree within the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic. In the case of female applicants preference may be given to those who have named Newnham (Professor Whitelock's College) as their college of first preference. There is no restriction on college choice for men. No special application form is required, but a letter should be sent to Dr J. Quinn, Newnham College, Cambridge, CB3 9DF, by candidates wishing to be considered for the Studentship. The letter should reach Newnham College by 1 June 2006. Election to the Studentship is subject to acceptance as a Graduate Student by the Board of Graduate Studies or by a college as an Affiliated Student.

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