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Magdalene College


The College invites applications for a Leslie Wilson Research Scholarship from well-qualified candidates who will be studying at the University of Cambridge for a Ph.D. Degree. The Scholarship is tenable for up to three years from 1 October 2006 and there is no restriction of the field of study. Candidates must have graduated at a University before 1 October 2006 and consideration will normally be restricted to those who have obtained, or who have a strong prospect of obtaining, a first class honours degree (or its equivalent).

In determining the value of the Scholarships in individual cases, the College will take into account candidates' income from all sources. A maximum award of £17,077 per year (at October 2005 values) will be made to a Scholar who has no other sources of finance, i.e. maintenance grant of £12,000, University fees of £3,085, and College fees of £1,992. The successful candidate will receive a minimum award of £500 per year regardless of their resources. Candidates will be expected to apply (where eligible) for state or Research Council Studentships.

Rented accommodation in or near College will be made available during the first year of residence to an unmarried Scholar. A married Scholar will be offered rented accommodation near to the College.

Those wishing to be considered for a Leslie Wilson Research Scholarship must also apply to the Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ for admission to the University as a Graduate Student using the usual CIGAS form which is obtainable from the Board. Preference will be given to those nominating Magdalene as their first-choice College.

Candidates liable to pay University fees at the overseas rate will be expected to apply not only for ORS awards under the scheme administered by the UK Government but also for Overseas Student Bursaries awarded by the University of Cambridge and organised by the Board of Graduate Studies. Applications should reach the Board as soon as possible and not later than 31 March 2006.

In addition, all candidates should complete a Leslie Wilson Research Scholarship application form which can be obtained from the Tutor for Graduate Admissions, Magdalene College, Cambridge, CB3 0AG. Applications should be returned to the Tutor for Graduate Admissions by 1 May 2006.

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Cambridge University Reporter 11 November 2005
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