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Magdalene College

Elected into Honorary Fellowships:

Mr D. J. H. Murphy, M.A., M, Emeritus Bursar.

Professor D. C. Clary, Sc.D, M, FRS, formerly Fellow and Senior Tutor; Professor of Chemistry and Head of the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Oxford, and President-Elect of Magdalen College, Oxford.

Sir John Tooley, M.A., M, General Administrator (1970-80) and General Director (1980-88) of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Commendatore of the Italian Republic.

Mr M. Malloch Brown, M.A., M, Chief of Staff to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Mr R. W. H. Cripps, Benefactor.

Mr E. J. S. Cripps, Benefactor.

Elected into Class A Official Fellowships:

J. T. Rigney, M.A., D.Phil., on appointment as College Chaplain.

S. C. Mentchen, M.A., University Senior Language Teaching Officer, on appointment as College Lecturer in German.

L. Kent, Ph.D., MRCPsych, on appointment as a College Lecturer in Medical Sciences.

Elected to the Parnell Visiting Fellowship in Irish Studies for the academical year 2005-06:

Professor N. Canny, Ph.D., MRIA, Professor of History, National University of Ireland, Galway.

Elected into Class D Research Fellowships:

M. Christandl (Nevile Fellow, for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics).

T. W. Nutt, M.A., M (Lumley Fellow, for History).

Elected into a Class E Senior Research Fellowship:

H. B. Nadendla, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Sackler Fellow, for Engineering).

Elected into Class G Bye-Fellowships for the academical year 2005-06:

H. M. Critchlow, B.Sc. (for Anatomy).

S. Laurenson, B.Sc. (for Oncology).

Elected into a Class J Fellow-Commonership:

P. J. Daybell, M.A., on appointment as Assistant Bursar.

Appointed to a Tutorship:

Dr C. S. Watkins.

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Cambridge University Reporter 27 July 2005
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