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Examination in Advanced Chemical Engineering Practice for the Degree of Master of Philosophy, 2005-06: Modules

The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Engineering give notice that the mandatory and optional modules available for study for the M.Phil. in Advanced Chemical Engineering Practice (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 451) in the academical year 2005-06 and the form of examination of each module will be as follows:

Mandatory modules

ReferenceNameMode of assessment1
NMNumerical methods in chemical engineeringCourse-work
MAMolecular aspects of chemical engineeringCourse-work
MoTI1 Management of technology and innovation 1Course-work
MoTI2 Management of technology and innovation 2Course-work

Optional modules

ReferenceNameMode of assessment1,2
CE3Electrochemical engineeringExamination
CE4Fluid mechanics and the environmentExamination
CE5Modern metrologyExamination
CE7Particle technologyExamination
CE8Rheology and processingExamination
CE9Sustainability in chemical engineeringExamination
4A1Nuclear power engineeringCourse-work/Examination
4C4Design methodsCourse-work/Examination
4D14Contaminated land and waste containmentCourse-work/Examination
4D15Sustainable water engineeringCourse-work
4E4Management of technologyCourse-work
4E5International business economicsCourse-work
4E7Enterprise and business developmentCourse-work
4E8Design and management of manufacturing systemsCourse-work
4E9Quantitative techniques in operations managementCourse-work
4E11Strategic managementCourse-work
4M14Sustainable developmentCourse-work
5CMI1Electricity and the environmentCourse-work
5CMI2Telecommunications: technologies and policies in the networked digital worldCourse-work
5CMI3Logistics systems control3Course-work
5CMI4Industry, innovation, and entrepreneurship3Course-work
5CMI5Project managementCourse-work
5R10Turbulent reacting flowsCourse-work
ESD-E30Sustainability assessment of large infrastructure projects3Course-work
ESD2Changing organizations towards sustainabilityCourse-work
ESD3Sustainable development - engineering responsesCourse-work
1.811Legal frameworks and environmental regulation3Course-work
1.818JSustainable energy3Course-work
TP5Distribution networks: economics, market structure, and strategiesCourse-work
TPE9Law, technological innovation, and intellectual propertyCourse-work
CB5Statistical methods in bioinformaticsCourse-work
MP6Kinetics and microstructure modelling Course-work
T4Building a high-tech enterprise3Course-work
T5Financing a high-tech enterprise3Course-work

The Degree Committee for the Faculty Board of Engineering reserves the right to add to this list during the Michaelmas Term 2005.

1 All course-work is of one or more of the following formats: essay, exercise, in-class (open-book) tests, oral presentation, report. All written course-work items have a limit of 10,000 words. All in-class tests will be of no more than 90 minutes' duration.

2 All written examinations are of 90 minutes' duration.

3 Subject to confirmation.

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Cambridge University Reporter 15 June 2005
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