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Notice by the University Bellringer

On 27 November, at the University Church, after the Memorial Service for Dame Rosemary Murray, the following members of the University rang a quarter peal of 1277 changes of Grandsire Caters. Dame Rosemary, who was the first woman to be Vice-Chancellor of the University, honoured the bellringers of Great St Mary's by attending a demonstration of change ringing in the ringing room on 15 November 1976.

1. Dr A. T. Winter, CHR (conductor)

2. Dr J. C. Guneratne, PEM

3. Miss R. L. Melen, M

4. Dr F. H. King, M

5. Dr M. B. Batchelor, NH

6. Dr C. Y. Barlow, N

7. Mag. F. A. N. Finch, T

8. Dr R. B. S. Oakeshott, CL

9. Dr P. L. H. Brooke, CAI

10. Mag. N. T. Smith, CC

The President of the University Guild of Change Ringers, Dr C. M. P. Johnson, JN, a sometime colleague of Dame Rosemary, would like to be associated with this quarter peal.

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Cambridge University Reporter 8 December 2004
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