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Report of the Council on College contributions in the financial year 2003-04: Notice

2 August 2004

The Council have considered the remarks made by Dr D. R. de Lacey at the Discussion of this Report on 13 July 2004 (p. 1008) and have agreed to reply as follows.

The Annex to this Report includes the usual Notice of grants from the Colleges Fund which has been published for several years. The Council decided that it would be helpful to publish it together with the Report and are pleased that this innovation has been welcomed. It has been customary to publish the amounts available and distributed as round figures. This year the balance in the Colleges Fund available included £33,500 brought forward from the previous year. A small balance will be carried forward to 2004-05.

With regard to Dr de Lacey's comments about Statute G and Schedule G, the Council wish to point out that Schedule G of the Statutes sets out the calculation for the College contributions under Statute G, II, and has included, since 1986, the statement that no part of the College contributions shall be applied to the general purposes of the University.

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Cambridge University Reporter 11 August 2004
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