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Christ's College


The Governing Body of Christ's College invites applications for one or two Open Research Fellowships, available in any subject and tenable for a period of four years from 1 October 2005. Successful applicants conducting research in parasitology or biological and clinical sciences relevant to cancer would be appointed to the Fantham Fellowship. Tenure of all Junior Research Fellowships may be split by a period, or periods, of intermission (unpaid) not exceeding two years in duration, to enable the holder to pursue research away from Cambridge.

Normally, candidates who will have passed their thirtieth birthday by 1 January 2005 will not be eligible to apply. Candidates above this age may offer reasons why the age restriction should be waived in their case. However, the only such reason likely to be acceptable is that the length of time by which a candidate exceeds the age limit is fully accounted for by one or more substantial periods of adult life in which the candidate was not engaged in study or teaching. Candidates wishing to be considered for such an exemption must write to the Master, setting out the grounds of their claim, and will not be eligible to submit an application unless they have first received his written consent.

The stipend of a Junior Research Fellow on appointment is currently £12,237 (without a Ph.D. Degree) or £15,107 (with a Ph.D. Degree), rising after three years by two increments to £14,065 (without a Ph.D. Degree) or £17,207 (with a Ph.D. Degree), but financial support from other sources is taken into account in determining the initial stipend. Membership of USS is available. Research Fellows are entitled to the use of a room free of charge and to seven free meals a week. Fellows living out of College will receive a non-pensionable allowance of £1,705 (without a Ph.D. Degree) or £3,655 (with a Ph.D. Degree). The College reviews its scale of stipends annually, taking account of changes in the University's scale of stipends. A limited amount of teaching for the College is permitted, for which payment will be made at the usual rate. Grants towards some research expenses may also be paid.

Application forms are available on the College website (http://www.christs.cam.ac.uk/jrf/) and may also be requested in writing from the JRF Co-ordinator. Completed application forms should be sent to the JRF Co-ordinator, so as to reach him not later than 6 October 2004. Candidates should also arrange for two people familiar with their work to send references to the JRF Co-ordinator so as to reach him not later than 6 October 2004. The appropriate forms for the use of referees will be included with the application forms. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Short-listed candidates will be invited by letter to submit by 5 November 2004 three copies of any published or unpublished work with which they wish to support their application. This work need not be a formal dissertation, but it should illustrate the nature and quality of their research work. The successful candidate/s will be notified at the beginning of February 2005 Please note that candidates are not interviewed for these Fellowships.

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Cambridge University Reporter 11 August 2004
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