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Magdalene College

Elected to Official Fellowships from 1 October 2004:

Dr Carl Stuart Watkins, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., of Queens' College, University Lecturer in History, formerly Research Fellow of Magdalene College (1998-2000), appointed College Lecturer in History.

Miss Antje Luise Pedain, M.Jur., Oxford, of Lucy Cavendish College, University Lecturer in Law, appointed College Lecturer in Law.

Elected to a Professorial Fellowship from 1 October 2004:

Professor (Elizabeth) Helen Cooper, M.A., Ph.D., NH, of the University of Oxford, Professor-Elect of Medieval and Renaissance English.

Elected to the Parnell Visiting Fellowship in Irish Studies for the academical year 2004-05:

Seamus Deane, Ph.D., Hon.D.Litt, University of Ulster, Keough Professor of Irish Studies, University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

Elected to Bye-Fellowships for the academical year 2004-05:

Mike Finn, M.Phil., M, for British Social History.

Julia Forman, A.B., Harvard, for Chemistry.

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Cambridge University Reporter 11 August 2004
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