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Examination in Computational Biology for the Master of Philosophy Degree (one-year course)

On the recommendation of the Faculty Board of Mathematics, the General Board and the Board of Graduate Studies have approved Computational Biology as a subject for further study and training in research for the M.Phil. Degree (one-year course), with effect from 1 October 2004.

Special regulations for the examination in the subject have been approved as follows:

Computational Biology

1. The scheme of examination for the one-year course of study in Computational Biology for the degree of Master of Philosophy shall consist of:

(a)written or other exercises, to be undertaken under conditions to be specified by the Degree Committee of Mathematics, on the following modules:
  1. Genome informatics I
  2. Genome informatics II
  3. Genomics
  4. Structural biology
  5. Statistical methods in bioinformatics
  6. Statistical and population genetics
  7. Systems biology
  8. Computational biology
  9. Management of technology and innovation
(b)a report of not more than 18,000 words in length and an oral presentation based on a laboratory project carried out by the candidate in one or more institutions approved by the Degree Committee.

2. The examination may include, at the discretion of the Examiners, an oral examination on the work submitted by the candidate under Regulation 1, and on the general field of knowledge within which such work falls.

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Cambridge University Reporter 28 July 2004
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