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Oriental Studies Tripos

(Statutes and Ordinances, p. 371)

With immediate effect

The regulations have been amended as set out below (i) to include a general provision for the Faculty Board of Oriental Studies to waive the requirement to spend a period of time abroad if they should consider this advisable and (ii) to amend the period of time to be spent abroad by students studying Hebrew.

Regulation 3(a).

By inserting in line 6 after the words 'provided that' the following words 'unless the Faculty Board have waived this requirement for a particular academical year'; by removing from provisos (iii) and (v) option 5(i), Hebrew and Israeli Studies (whole subject), and option 10, Hebrew Studies (half subject), respectively; and by including these two options under a new proviso (vi) to read as follows:

(vi)no student shall be a candidate for Part II under Regulation 15 offering either option 5(i) Hebrew and Israeli Studies or option 10 Hebrew Studies unless he or she has, since matriculation, spent a period of at least six weeks in Israel, under conditions approved for this purpose by the Faculty Board.

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Cambridge University Reporter 28 July 2004
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