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Joint Report of the Council and the General Board on the establishment of an Undergraduate Admissions Committee: Notice

19 July 2004

The Council have considered the remarks made by Professor G. R. Evans at the Discussion of this Report on 13 July 2004. They are unclear why Professor Evans suggested that the Committee should be constituted by Statute; it has been constituted by Ordinance, as was its predecessor, the Joint Committee on Admissions, and as are such Committees as the Joint Committee on Development, the Medical Education Committee, and the Committee of Management of the Natural Sciences Tripos which also include College representatives. With regard to her comments on bursaries, the Council confirm that the Committee will be concerned with overseeing widening access and participation activity, with any necessary reporting of that activity to external bodies, and with the use of funding ear-marked for such activity. However, it will have no remit to distribute bursaries or to make decisions about how the additional funds received by the University under the new fee arrangements shall be managed, except for those allocated to the activities mentioned.

The Council are submitting a Grace to the Regent House (Grace 7, p. 997) for the approval of the recommendations in the Report.

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Cambridge University Reporter 21 July 2004
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