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Second Joint Report of the Council and the General Board on the ownership of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs): Notice

19 July 2004

This Report was discussed on Tuesday, 11 May, and the Discussion continued on Tuesday, 18 May (see Reporter, p. 738). Contributions were made by thirty-nine people and the Council have invited Professor W. R. Cornish, as the lead author of the draft regulations in the Report, and Professor I. M. Leslie, as Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), to consider the suggestions and comments made and to prepare revised regulations to govern the ownership of IPR in the University. The Council expect to receive the revised proposals early in the Michaelmas Term.

Professor A. W. F. Edwards commented on the placing of the Note of Dissent signed by Professor R. J. Anderson. He is indeed correct that, in normal circumstances, such a Note would occur immediately after the signatures of the Council members who agreed with the Report. In this particular case, however, the Note was not received until just before publication when it was not possible to insert the text in the appropriate place.

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Cambridge University Reporter 21 July 2004
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