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Review Committee: Notice

The General Board give notice that the following Review Committee has recently been established, with the terms of reference given.

Faculty of Oriental Studies

Terms of Reference

To consider:

(i) the Faculty's arrangements for teaching, learning, and assessment and for the quality assurance and enhancement of those arrangements;
(ii) the Faculty's research;
(iii) the resources available to the Faculty, including academic and support staff, accommodation, library and IT provision, equipment, etc.;
(iv) the organization, management, and administration of the Faculty;
(v) the Faculty's financial situation;
(vi) the identification of what constitutes the core of the Faculty's activities, including scrutiny of whether there is any duplication of activity taking place elsewhere in the University and, if so, the appropriateness of any such duplication in the context of effective use of resources;
(vii) the Faculty's relationship with other cognate bodies, including relevant Centres of Area Studies in the University;
(viii) the future development of, and prospects for, the Faculty's work.


Professor Melveena C. McKendrick, G (Chair)

Professor John S. Bell, PEM

Professor Delia Davin, University of Leeds

Professor Carole Hillenbrand, G, University of Edinburgh

Professor Richard L. Hunter, T

Professor Christopher Shackle, School of Oriental and African Studies

Professor Alison S. Sinclair, CL

Secretary: Mr Duncan P. F. McCallum, W

Members of the University who wish to comment on matters covered by the Review Committee's terms of reference are invited to send their comments to the Committee's Secretary, Duncan McCallum, Education Section, 4 Parson's Court, Cambridge, CB2 3QE (e-mail dpm1000@cam.ac.uk) by 1 October 2004.

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Cambridge University Reporter 7 July 2004
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