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Examination in Bioscience Enterprise for the M.Phil. Degree, 2004-05: Modules

The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Engineering gives notice that the modules available for study for the M.Phil. in Bioscience Enterprise in the academical year 2004-05 and the form of examination for each module will be as follows.

Mandatory modules (all modules)

The M.Phil. in Bioscience Enterprise will comprise five Science and Technology Modules, with linked but independently assessed Science to Business Studies, four Business modules, five Transitionary modules, and a company internship. Assessment methods for individual modules are shown below. Students may also be required to be examined by viva voce.

MODULES Mode of Examination
Science and Technology (ST)
ST1 Disease and epidemiology, Michaelmas 2004Essay/Course-work
ST2 Drug discovery, Michaelmas 2004 Essay/Course-work
ST3 Modern medicines and therapies, Michaelmas 2004 Essay/Course-work
ST4 Diagnostics, imaging, and e-medicine, Lent 2005 Essay/Course-work
ST5 Agri-industrial biotechnology, Lent 2005 Essay/Course-work
Science to Business (S2B)
S2B This may include elements from the Transitionary modules and will take the form Class work/
of class exercises, practical visits, and training seminars. The S2B work is mandatory and Course-work/
will be assessed independently of the ST1-5 modules. Participation
Business (B)
B1 - MOT&I I Entrepreneurial finance and strategy, Michaelmas 2004 Course-work
B2 Microeconomics and health care, Michaelmas 2004 Essay/Course-work
B3 - MOT&I II Organization and marketing, Lent 2005 Course-work
B4 Law and intellectual property, Lent 2005 Essay/Course-work
Transitionary (T)
T1 Company site visits and case studies, Michaelmas 2004 and Lent 2005 Course-work
T2 Analysts club, Michaelmas 2004 and Lent 2005 Course-work
T3 Entrepreneurship forum, Michaelmas 2004 and Lent 2005 Course-work
T4 Taught module: Building a bioscience business, Lent 2005 Essay/Course-work
T5 Taught module: Bioethics investment and social responsibility, Lent 2005 Essay/Course-work

Business Internships (E), Easter 2005

During the Easter Term students will be placed for four to six weeks in a relevant commercial environment. Students will have an academic and a company supervisor during the placement period. The project title for the placement will be finalized and agreed between the student, the academic supervisor, and the company supervisor. The company placement and project will be linked to the subject of the student's dissertation adding a real commercial dimension. The dissertation is to be submitted by the middle of June 2005. The placement will be subject to standard agreements on confidentiality.

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