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Engineering Tripos, Part IIA 2004-05: Notice

The Faculty Board of Engineering give notice that the modules prescribed for the examinations to be held in 2005, and the mode of examination for each module, will be as follows:

Number and title of moduleSetAssessment
Group A: Energy, fluid mechanics, and turbomachinery
3A1Fluid mechanics I (double module)M7/L7p
3A3Fluid mechanics II (double module)M1/L1p
3A5Energy and power generation (double module)M4/L4p
Group B: Electrical engineering
3B1Radio frequency electronicsM3p
3B2Integrated digital electronicsL3p
3B3Switch-mode electronicsM2p
3B4Electric drive systemsL2p
3B5Semiconductor engineeringM6p
3B6Photonic technologyL6p
Group C: Mechanics, materials, and design
3C1Materials processing and designM5p
3C2Materials process modelling and failure analysisL5p
3C3Machine design - tribologyM3p
3C4Machine design - transmissionsL3p
3C7Mechanics of solidsM4p
Group D: Civil, structural, and environmental engineering
3D1Soil mechanicsM1p
3D2Geotechnical engineeringL1p
3D3Structural materials and designM2p
3D4Structural analysis and stabilityL2p
3D5Environmental engineering IM3p
3D6Environmental engineering IIL3p
3D7Finite element methodsL4p
Group E: Management and manufacturing
3E1Business economicsM8p
3E3Modelling riskM9p
3E4Modelling choiceL9p
3E5Human resource managementM10p
3E6Organizational behaviour and changeL10p
Group F: Information engineering
3F1Signals and systemsM5p
3F2Systems and controlL5p
3F3Signal and pattern processingL4p
3F4Data transmissionM4p
3F5Computer and network systemsM1p
3F6Software engineering and designL1p
Group I: Imported modules
3I1Data structures and algorithms (CST)M8p
Group M: Multidisciplinary modules
3M1Introduction to bioscience*M12p
3M2Physiological systems*L12p
Group S: Modules shared with Part IIB
4A1Nuclear power engineeringL8p+c
4C4Design methodsM7p+c
4C14Mechanics of biological systemsL8p
4D1Petroleum engineering*M7p+c
4D11Building physicsL13p+c
4D16Construction and managementM13p+c
4E6Accounting and financeM11p
4M12Partial differential equations and variational methodsL8p
4M13Complex analysis and optimizationM7p

NOTES:Sets: M = Michaelmas; L= Lent
 Assessment: p = exam only; p+c = exam and course-work
 Capacity: Modules marked * have a maximum capacity. If oversubscribed, attendance will be determined by ballot.

Sets, 2004-05


Candidates when choosing modules for examination may not offer two or more modules from any one of the following numbered sets, and may not offer three or more modules from Groups I, M, and S combined.

M13A3Fluid mechanics IIL13A3Fluid mechanics II
 3D1Soil mechanics 3D2Geotechnical engineering
 3F5Computer and network systems 3F6Software engineering and design
M23B3Switch-mode electronicsL23B4Electric drive systems
 3D3Structural materials and design 3D4Structural analysis and stability
M33B1Radio frequency electronicsL33B2Integrated digital electronics
 3C3Machine design - tribology 3C4Machine design - transmissions
 3D5Environmental engineering I 3D6Environmental engineering II
M43A5Energy and power generationL43A5Energy and power generation
 3C7Mechanics of solids 3D7Finite element methods
 3F4Data transmission 3F3Signal and pattern processing
M53C1Materials processing and designL53C2Materials process modelling and failure analysis
 3F1Signals and systems  
M63B5Semiconductor engineering 3F2Systems and control
 3C5DynamicsL63B6Photonic technology
M73A1Fluid mechanics I 3C6Vibration
 4C4Design methodsL73A1Fluid mechanics I
 4D1Petroleum engineering *L83E2Marketing
 4M13Complex analysis and optimization 4A1Nuclear power engineering
M83E1Business economics 4C14Mechanics of biological systems
 3I1Data structures and algorithms 4M12Partial differential equations and variational methods
M93E3Modelling risk  
M103E5Human resource managementL93E4Modelling choice
M114E6Accounting and financeL103E6Organizational behaviour and change
M123M1Introduction to bioscience *L114E13Macroeconomics
M134D16Construction and managementL123M2Physiological systems *
   L134D11Building physics

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