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Preliminary Examinations, 2005

The following amendments of special regulations for certain Preliminary Examinations have been made by the authorities concerned, and have been approved by the General Board; the amendments will take effect from 1 October 2004 and relate to the examinations to be held in 2005.1

Classics, Part IA (New Regulations)

Regulation 2.

In sub-paragraph (a) by amending the title of Paper 1 so as to read 'Latin texts' and in sub-paragraph (b) by amending in line 4 the deadline for submission of essay titles from 'first Monday of Full Easter Term' to 'third Monday of Full Easter Term'.

Oriental Studies

Regulation 2.

The coding of certain papers has been amended to avoid confusion with similar Tripos papers as follows:

Aramaic: Am. 1 and Am. 2 become AMP. 1 and AMP2.*

Assyriology: As. 1 and As. 2 become ASP. 1 and ASP. 2

Chinese Studies: C. 1-C. 4 become CP. 1-CP. 4

Egyptology: E. 1 and E. 2 become EP. 1 and EP. 2

Japanese Studies: J. 1-J. 4 become JP. 1-JP. 4

Hebrew Studies: H. 1-H. 4 become HP. 1-HP. 4

Indian Studies: In. 1-In. 6 become South Asian Studies SAP. 1-SAP. 6

* These papers are suspended until further notice.

The detail in Regulation 3 has been amended accordingly.

1 See also amended regulations for the Preliminary Examinations in Linguistics (p. 314) and Education Studies (p. 778).

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