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University Council (external members and Chair of the Audit Committee): Notice

Two external members of the University Council are to be appointed. One of these will also be designated to chair the Council's Audit Committee. Further information about these appointments may be obtained from the Registrary, University Offices, The Old Schools, Cambridge, CB2 1TN. Expressions of interest by individuals or suggestions of people to be considered are welcome and should be sent to the Registrary by 24 June 2004.

The appointments are made by Grace on the recommendation of the University Council, acting in turn on the recommendation of a Nominating Committee. The composition of the Nominating Committee is:

Dame Bridget Ogilvie (High Steward), Chair

The Vice-Chancellor

Members of the Council: Professor Zygmunt Baranski and Professor Sir Martin Rees

Other members (chosen from the Nominations Board): Sir Graeme Davies (Vice-Chancellor of the University of London), Sir Martin Harris (Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester), Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell (University of Bath), and Professor Sir Tom Blundell.

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Cambridge University Reporter 1 June 2004
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