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Members of University bodies and representatives of the University on external bodies: Notice

Appointments are made by the University Council to a number of internal and external bodies (Courts, Boards, Syndicates, Committees, etc., as published in the Officers Number of the Reporter). There is especially a shortage of individuals willing to serve as School Governors. In order to assist the Council in this work, a database is maintained of members of the Regent House who are known to be willing to serve on various bodies to which appointments are made, and members of the Regent House are invited to offer themselves for such service. The Council have been greatly assisted by those members who have come forward in response to this Notice in previous years. In order to match individuals to particular bodies, respondents may wish to suggest one or more 'key terms' which may be associated with their names in order to indicate their area of interest and/or expertise. The following are suggested as possible 'key terms', though respondents may suggest any other key term(s) which best reflect their interests:

Accounting; Audit; Court of Discipline; Ecclesiastical; Environment; International matters (specify region if appropriate); Publishing; School examinations; School Governor (Independent); School Governor (Maintained); Subject, e.g. Architecture, Biology, Classics; Willing/unwilling to travel.

The Council invite members of the Regent House to contact Mrs Elizabeth Baughan, Nominations Committee Clerk, Secretariat, The Old Schools (e-mail eab44@admin.cam.ac.uk), if they are interested in being considered, or if they wish to nominate anyone, in a particular area of interest and/or expertise, or for a particular body. The Council will not necessarily appoint all those who volunteer, nor will appointments be restricted to those whose names come forward in this way.

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Cambridge University Reporter 26 May 2004
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