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Membership of Faculty Promotions Committees for the consideration of the establishment of personal Professorships, Readerships, and University Senior Lectureships with effect from 1 October 2004: Notice

Faculty Promotions Committees have been constituted as follows:

1. School of Arts and Humanities

Faculty or other institutionMembers appointed
Architecture and History of ArtProfessor Andrew John Saint (Chair)
 Mrs Virginia Rosemary Bennett (Secretary)
 Professor Melveena Christine McKendrick (GB)
 Professor Robert James Mair
 Professor Charles Alan Short
 Professor Robert John Summerford Spence
 Professor David John Watkin
ClassicsProfessor Michael David Reeve (Chair)
 Mrs Tamsin Melanie James (Secretary)
 Professor Helen Sheppard Kay (GB)
 Professor Peter David Arthur Garnsey
 Professor Richard Lawrence Hunter
 Professor Martin John Millett
 Professor Robin Grimsey Osborne
 Professor David Neil Sedley
DivinityProfessor David Michael Turner (Chair)
 Ms Rosalind Miranda Paul (Secretary)
 Professor Jean Rudduck (GB)
 Professor Nicholas Robert Michael de Lange
 Professor Eamon Duffy
 Professor William Horbury
 Professor Julius Joseph Lipner
 Professor Graham Ivor Davies
EnglishProfessor Wilfred David Trotter (Chair)
 Mrs Claire Daunton (Secretary)
 Professor Roger Parker (GB)
 Professor Gillian Brown
 Professor David Norman Dumville
 Professor John Francis Kerrigan
 Professor Barry Alexander Windeatt
Modern and Medieval LanguagesProfessor Ian Gareth Roberts (Chair)
 Ms Angela Mary Jane Myers (Secretary)
 Professor Richard Lawrence Hunter (GB)
 Professor Zygmunt Guido Baranski
 Professor Helen Sheppard Kay
 Professor Robin Kirkpatrick
 Professor Melveena Christine McKendrick
 Professor Roger Cole Paulin
MusicProfessor Roger Parker (Chair)
 Mrs Sue Round (Secretary)
 Profesor Dame Marilyn Strathern (GB)
 Professor Timothy Charles William Blanning
 Professor Geoffrey Richard Grimmett
 Professor Robin Greville Holloway
 Professor Peter Lipton
 Professor Malcolm Sim Longair
Oriental StudiesProfessor Robert Patterson Gordon (Chair)
 Mrs Felicity Jane Fisher-Hunt (Secretary)
 Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern (GB)
 Professor Peter Francis Kornicki
 Professor John Nicholas Postgate
 Professor David Lawrence McMullen
 Professor Stefan Clive Reif
 Members (for the consideration of Readerships and Senior Lecturer applications only) - Approved by the Chair of Personnel Committee, on behalf of the General Board under paragraph 1.13 of the Guidance:
 Mr John David Ray
 Dr Charles Peter Melville
 Dr John Dargavel Smith
PhilosophyProfessor Edward John Craig (Chair)
 Mrs Angela Elliott (Secretary)
 Professor Roger Parker (GB)
 Professor Simon Walter Blackburn
 Professor Onora Sylvia O'Neill
 Professor Matthew Henry Kramer
 Professor Peter Lipton

2. School of the Biological Sciences

Faculty or other institutionMembers appointed
BiologyProfessor Lorraine Tyler (Chair)
 Miss Catherine McKiernan (Secretary)
 Professor Ian McConnell (GB)
 Professor Malcolm Burrows
 Professor William Anthony Harris
 Professor Andrew David Hamilton Wyllie
 Professor Sir Thomas Blundell
 Professor Trevor William Robbins
 Professor David Moore Glover
 Professor Peter Anthony McNaughton
 Professor Roger Christopher Thomas
 Professor John Clinton Gray
Clinical Veterinary MedicineProfessor Leo Broof Jeffcott (Chair)
 Ms Judith Ann Drinkwater (Secretary)
 Professor Anthony Charles Minson (GB)
 Professor William Frederick Blakemore
 Professor Abigail Lesley Fowden
 Professor Duncan John Maskell
 Professor Ian McConnell

3. School of Clinical Medicine

   Members appointed
 Professor Sir Keith Peters (Chair)
 Miss Sally Margaret Pinnock (Secretary)
 Professor Abigail Lesley Fowden (GB)
 Professor John Danesh
 Professor Stephen O'Rahilly
 Professor Martin Bobrow
 Professor John Paul Luzio
 Professor Bruce Anthony John Ponder
 Professor John Andrew Bradley
 Professor Peter Brian Jones
 Professor John Gerald Patrick Sissons
 Professor David Alastair Standish Compston
 Professor Ann-Louise Kinmonth
 Professor Gordon Campbell Sinclair Smith

4. School of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty or other institutionMembers appointed
Archaeology and AnthropologyProfessor Dame Marilyn Strathern (Chair)
 Mr Howarth Penny (Secretary)
 Professor Juliet Constance Wyatt Mitchell (GB)
 Professor David Walter Phillipson
 Professor Christopher Guy Nicholas Mascie-Taylor
 Professor Alan James Macfarlane
 Professor Martin Kenneth Jones
 Professor John Nicholas Postgate
 Professor Robert Andrew Foley
Economics and PoliticsProfessor Andrew Charles Harvey (Chair)
 Mrs Ruth Mary Fenton (Secretary)
 Professor Dame Sandra Dawson (GB)
 Professor William Arthur Brown
 Professor Christopher John Harris
 Professor Sappo Honkapohja
 Professor Ajit Singh
EducationMr Timothy Charles Everton (Chair)
 Ms Marie Ann Butcher (acting Secretary)
 Professor William Arthur Brown (GB)
 Professor Usha Goswami
 Professor John Ernest Carmichael MacBeath
 Professor Andrew John Pollard
 Professor Jean Rudduck
HistoryProfessor John Morrill (Chair)
 Dr Elizabeth Haresnape (Secretary)
 Professor Malveena McKendrick (GB)
 Professor David Abulafia
 Professor Richard Evans
 Professor Christopher Bayly
 Professor Timothy Charles William Blanning
 Professor David Reynolds
 Professor Megan Vaughan
History and Philosophy of ScienceProfessor Peter Lipton (Chair)
 Ms Tamara Hug (Secretary)
 Professor Christopher Bayly (GB)
 Professor Michael Akam
 Professor John Forrester
 Professor Nick Jardine
 Professor Simon Schaffer
 Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern
 Member (for the consideration of Readerships and Senior Lecturer applications only) - Approved by the Chair of Personnel Committee, on behalf of the General Board under paragraph 1.13 of the Guidance:
 Dr Liba Taub
Land EconomyProfessor Ronald Martin (Chair)
 Ms Marie Ann Butcher (Secretary)
 Professor Juliet Constance Wyatt Mitchell (GB)
 Professor Simon Deakin
 Professor Alan Short
 Professor Bryan Turner
 Professor John Glascock
 Members (for the consideration of Readerships and Senior Lecturer applications only) - Approved by the Chair of Personnel Committee, on behalf of the General Board under paragraph 1.13 of the Guidance:
 Dr Ian David Hodge
 Dr Peter Tyler
LawProfessor David Ibbetson (Chair)
 Dr Kirsty Anne Allen (Secretary)
 Professor Rosamund Deborah McKitterick (GB)
 Professor Brian Robert Cheffins
 Professor Malcolm Alistair Clarke
 Professor William Rodolph Cornish
 Professor Anthony Terry Hanmer Smith
 Professor John Rason Spencer
 Professor Michael Tonry
Social and Political SciencesProfessor William Arthur Brown (Chair) (GB)
 Dr Mary Griffin (Secretary)
 Professor Geoffrey Patrick Hawthorn
 Professor John Thompson
 Professor Martin Richards
 Professor John Dunn
 Professor Juliet Constance Wyatt Mitchell

5. School of the Physical Sciences

Faculty or other institutionMembers appointed
Earth Sciences and GeographyProfessor Robert Patrick Haining (Chair)
 Dr Alan Thomas Winter (Secretary)
 Professor Anne Christine Davis (GB)
 Professor Ekhard Karl Hermann Salje
 Professor Julian Andrew Dowdeswell
 Professor Simon Conway Morris
 Professor Ronald Leonard Martin
 Professor Keith Sheldon Richards
 Professor Michael Allan Carpenter
 Professor Ian Nicholas McCave
MathematicsProfessor John Henry Coates (Chair)
 Professor Carol Robinson (GB)
 Dr Alan Thomas Winter (Secretary)
 Professor Gary William Gibbons
 Professor William Timothy Gowers
 Professor Geoffrey Richard Grimmett
 Professor Peter David Haynes
 Professor John Martin Elliott Hyland
 Professor Peter Vincent Landshoff
 Professor Timothy John Pedley
 Professor Richard Robert Weber
Physics and ChemistryProfessor Colin John Humphreys (Chair)
 Mr Paul Michael Aslin (Secretary)
 Professor Peter Vincent Landshoff (GB)
 Professor Athene Margaret Donald
 Professor Stephen Richard Elliott
 Professor Derek John Fray
 Professor Gerard Francis Gilmore
 Professor Douglas Owen Gough
 Professor Dudley Howard Williams
 Professor Malcolm Sim Longair
 Professor Michael Christopher Payne
 Professor Jeremy Keith Morris Sanders
 Professor Alan Hardwick Windle

6. School of Technology

Faculty or other institutionMembers appointed
Chemical EngineeringProfessor Malcolm Robert Mackley (Chair)
 Miss Linda Diane Craft (Secretary)
 Professor Ann Patricia Dowling (GB)
 Professor John Bridgwater
 Professor Howard Allaker Chase
 Professor Lynn Faith Gladden
 Professor Allan Nuttall Hayhurst
 Professor Nigel Kenneth Harry Slater
Computer LaboratoryProfessor Glynn Winskel (Chair)
 Ms Margaret Ann Levitt (Secretary)
 Professor Simone Hochgreb (GB)
 Professor Jonathan Andrew Crowcroft
 Professor Andrew Hopper
 Professor John Martin Elliott Hyland
 Professor Ian Malcolm Leslie
 Professor Malcolm Sim Longair
EngineeringProfessor Keith Glover (Chair)
 Mrs Sally Dorothy Winton Collins-Taylor (Secretary)
 Professor Ian Malcolm Leslie (GB)
 Professor Ann Patricia Dowling
 Professor Norman Andrew Fleck
 Professor Michael John Gregory
 Professor Robert James Mair
 Professor William Ireland Milne
 Professor Stephen John Young
Judge Institute of Management StudiesProfessor Hugh Willmott (Chair)
 Ms Anne Pollintine (Secretary)
 Professor Stephen John Young (GB)
 Professor Dame Sandra Dawson
 Professor Nicholas Oliver
 Professor Geoffrey Meeks
 Professor Alan Hughes

7. Institute of Biotechnology

 Members appointed
 Professor Laurance David Hall (Chair)
 Ms Jean Hewitt (Secretary)
 Professor Anne Cooke (GB)
 Professor David John Ellar
 Professor Andrew Bruce Holmes
 Professor John Clinton Gray
 Professor Christopher Robin Lowe
 Professor Malcolm Robert Mackley
 Professor Stephen John Young

8. Centre of International Studies

 Members appointed
 Professor James Bardsley Lawson Mayall (Chair)
 Professor Geoffrey Patrick Hawthorn (Secretary)
 Professor Dame Sandra Dawson (GB)
 Professor Christopher Maurice Andrew
 Professor Timothy Charles William Blanning
 Professor Arthur Alan Dashwood
 Professor John Monfort Dunn

All General Board (GB) members are appointed until 31 March 2006.

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Cambridge University Reporter 12 May 2004
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