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Senior Academic Promotions Committees, 1 October 2004 exercise: Notice

In accordance with the procedure set out in paragraphs 9.5 - 9.12 of the procedure and guidance booklet for the 1 October 2004 Senior Academic Promotions exercise, the General Board have appointed the following as members of their Senior Academic Promotions Committee and Sub-Committees.

General Board's Senior Academic Promotions Committee

The Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
Professor Anthony John Badger (Arts and Humanities)
Professor Robert John Bennett (Humanities and Social Sciences)
Professor William Bonfield (Biological and Medical Sciences)
Professor Margaret Anne Stanley (Physical Sciences)
Professor Brian Frederick Gilbert Johnson (Technology)


Professor Reinhard Strohm (Oxford) (Arts and Humanities)
Professor Margot Light (London School of Economics and Political Science) (Humanities and Social Sciences)
Professor Christopher Leaver (Oxford) (Biological and Medical Sciences)
Professor Nigel Hitchin (Oxford) (Physical Sciences)
Dr Julia King (Institute of Physics) (Physical Sciences)
Secretary: Mr Peter Deer, Personnel Division

General Board's Sub-committees

Arts and Humanities Sub-committee

Professor Anthony John Badger (Chair)
Professor Deborah Janet Howard
Professor Simon Colin Franklin
Professor Mary Longstaff Jacobus
Professor David Frank Ford
Professor Simon Douglas Keynes
Professor Reinhard Strohm (Oxford)

Biological and Medical Sciences Sub-committee

Professor William Bonfield (Chair)
Professor John Douglas Pickard
Professor James Cuthbert Smith
Professor Donald Maurice Broom
Professor Christopher Michael Bate
Professor Kay-Tee Khaw
Professor Christopher Leaver (Oxford)

Humanities and Social Sciences Sub-committee

Professor Robert John Bennett (Chair)
Professor Martin James Daunton
Professor Caroline Humphrey
Professor John Michael Gray
Professor James Richard Crawford
Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta
Professor Margot Light (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Physical Sciences Sub-committee

Professor Margaret Anne Stanley (Chair)
Professor Herbert Eric Huppert
Professor Alan Lindsay Greer
Professor Richard Edwin Hills
Professor James Anthony Jackson
Professor Christopher Martin Dobson
Professor Nigel Hitchin (Oxford)

Technology Sub-committee

Professor Brian Frederick Gilbert Johnson (Chair)
Professor Andrew Palmer
Professor Ian Michael Hutchings
Professor Michael Joseph Kelly
Professor Geoffrey Walsham
Professor Michael John Caldwell Gordon
Dr Julia King (Institute of Physics)

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Cambridge University Reporter 12 May 2004
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