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Social and Political Sciences Tripos, Parts IIA and IIB, 2005-06: Notice

The Faculty Board of Social and Political Sciences give notice that the following papers will be on offer for the academical year 2005-06:

Politics Papers

Pol 7: A subject in modern politics II: International organizations

Pol 8: A subject in modern politics III: United States of America

Pol 9: A subject in modern politics IV: Revolutions

Pol 11: A subject in modern politics V: Russia

Pol 12: A subject in modern politics VI: The politics of the international economy

Psychology Papers

Psy 4: A subject in psychology I: Current issues in social psychology

Psy 5: A subject in psychology II: Psychology and social issues

Not offered: Psy 6: A subject in psychology III

Sociology Papers

Soc 3: A subject in sociology I: Economy and society

Soc 4: A subject in sociology II: Media, culture, and society

Soc 5: A subject in sociology III: Modern Britain

Soc 6: A subject in sociology IV: Citizenship and human rights

Soc 9: A subject in sociology V: Religion and politics

Interdisciplinary Papers

Int 3: An interdisciplinary subject I: Medicine, body, and society

Int 4: An interdisciplinary subject II: Biotechnology and society

Int 5: An interdisciplinary subject III: Gender and society

Int 8: A specified subject in South Asian Studies: Sociology and politics of South Asia

Int 9: An interdisciplinary subject IV: The political economy of capitalism

Int 10: An interdisciplinary subject V: Nationalism, race, and ethnicity

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