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Stipends of the holders of clinical academic offices and payments for clinical responsibility: Notice

1. The NHS salary scales for hospital doctors and dentists are determined each year by the Government after considering advice from the Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body (DDRB). These salary scales are translated into clinical academic payscales for higher education by the Clinical Academic Staff Salaries Committee which recommended to all institutions throughout the UK an increase from 1 April 2003 of 3.225% on all the clinical academic salary scales.

2. In accordance with the principle that the remuneration of clinical academic staff in Cambridge should be broadly comparable with that of equivalent staff in other UK medical schools, the General Board have approved revised stipends and scales of stipends for clinical appointments in Cambridge. The figures currently shown in Schedule IV to the regulations for stipends (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 655) are replaced, with effect from 1 April 2003, by the following figures.

Clinical Lecturer:£26,760 by ten increments to £46,260
The part-time offices of: 
   Associate Dean in the Faculty of Clinical Medicine 
   Director and Assistant Director of Studies in General Practice 
The stipend for these offices is calculated according to the number of 
sessions worked where the stipend for one session is:£6,429

3. Arrangements for part-time staff are pro-rata to those for full-time staff.

4. In addition to the changes referred to above, and subject to confirmation from the appropriate funding bodies that additional funds are available to meet the increased costs, agreement has also been reached on new pay arrangements, also effective from 1 April 2003, for existing University officers holding honorary consultant contracts with the NHS and who opt to move to the new nationally negotiated consultant contract (2003). The new payscale for officers, which will be based on the existing arrangement of prime stipend and additional clinical responsibility payment, is £65,035, £67,100, £69,165, £71,230, £73,290, £78,195, £83,100, £88,000. The stipends of new officers joining the University at honorary consultant level will be on this scale.

5. For those officers who hold honorary consultant contracts and who elect to remain on their existing contract of employment the Board have approved the continuation of the existing basis for calculating rates of payment for clinical responsibility; if the honorary consultant contract agreed with the NHS covers not less than six NHS sessions a week, the annual pensionable payment for clinical responsibility will amount to the difference between the officer's prime stipend and her or his notional place on the NHS full-time Consultant salary scale. The NHS full-time Consultant salary scale is, with effect from 1 April 2003, £54,338, £58,291, £62,245, £66,198, £70,714.

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Cambridge University Reporter 24 March 2004
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