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Review of Research Services Division: Notice

Terms of Reference

A review of the Research Services Division (RSD) of the Unified Administrative Service (UAS) is being undertaken.

The review will be in two parts. The first will be concerned with the Division's performance and achievements against the defined mission, the second with the overall structure of RSD, and in particular the position of Cambridge Enterprise within the University.

The membership of the Review Panel will be determind by the Council as soon as possible. The Panel will send their reports to the Registrary as Head of the UAS. He will present them to the Council with his own commentary.

For the first part of the review of RSD, Performance and Achievement, the Panel will report on:

1. The Division's performance and achievements against the original proposals to set up RSD and subsequent goals set by the Research Policy Committee
2. Future plans, staffing levels, and budgets
3. The administrative performance of the Division, including effectiveness in use of resource; planning; staff development; tracking procedures; and quality assurance
4. The division of responsibility between Heads of institutions and the Division and any consequent effects on resource allocation
5. The views of internal and external users of the Division's services
6. How the Division's performance compares with best practice in other UK and overseas universities

For the second part of the review, Organization and Structure, the Panel will report on:

1. The mission of Cambridge Enterprise
2. Whether Cambridge Enterprise should remain within RSD, be an independent division of the UAS, be outside the UAS, or be external to the University as a wholly owned subsidiary
3. How the research and technology transfer related activities of the Corporate Liaison Office should relate to the activities of RSD and Cambridge Enterprise
4. The purpose, organization, management, and source of funds for seed funding of new enterprises by the University

The Panel will be chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Ian Leslie. Submissions to the Panel should be made by 1 May. These should be made in writing to Ian Troupe, Secretary to the Panel, The Old Schools, Cambridge, CB2 1TN (e-mail idt21@admin.cam.ac.uk). It is hoped that the Panel will report to the Registrary in June.

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Cambridge University Reporter 24 March 2004
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