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Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, Part II, 2005, prescribed texts and periods (Italian): Amendment

The Faculty Board of Modern and Medieval Languages give notice that the list of prescribed texts for Paper It. 8 (Italian culture from 1500 to 1600) of Part II of the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, 2005, published in the Reporter of 14 May 2003 (p. 914), has been amended so as to read:

Students will be responsible, in consultation with their supervisor, for covering at least four of the topics listed below that will be taught for the academic year 2004-05:

1. The 'Questione della lingua' and its impact on literary culture
2. Cities and countryside in Cinquecento culture
3. The place of women in Cinquecento literary culture
4. Florentine political theory
5. Epic poetry
6. The Counter Reformation and its cultural effects
7. Art and humanism in Rome in the High Renaissance
8. The politics of art in the Cinquecento

Course description and reading lists for this paper are available from the Department of Italian, and from the MML website at http://www.mml.cam.ac.uk/italian/.

The Faculty Board are satisfied that no student's preparation for the examination in 2005 will be adversely affected by this amendment.

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Cambridge University Reporter 24 March 2004
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