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Regulations for Examinations: Notice by the General Board

The General Board give notice that, on the recommendation of the Faculty Board or other authority concerned, the regulations for certain University examinations have been amended as follows:

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (Old and Revised Regulations)

(Statutes and Ordinances, pp. 502 and 509)

With immediate effect

Final Veterinary Examination, Part III

Regulations 12 (Old Regulations) and 18 (New Regulations) for Part III of the Final Veterinary Examination currently state that viva voce examinations are held on the basis of performance in the practical/oral examination. The regulations have been amended so that viva voce examinations may be held on the basis of overall performance in any section of the examination.

Regulation 12 (Old Regulations) and Regulation 18 (Revised Regulations).

By amending the last two sentences of the final paragraph of each regulation so as to read:

Candidates who fail a written paper will be required to re-present themselves for re-examination, subject to the provisions of Regulation 14(b) and (c) (Old Regulations) (Regulation 20(b) and (c) (New Regulations)). The Examiners may, at their discretion, require any candidate who fails to attain the prescribed standard for any section to take a viva voce examination.

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Cambridge University Reporter 24 March 2004
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