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Central Administration - Review of the Personnel Division: Notice

The Council have established a Committee to review the Personnel Division.

The terms of reference for the Review Committee are:

To consider all aspects of the structure and performance of the University's Personnel Division; to advise the Registrary as to any measure required to ensure that the Division provides the University with a service of the highest quality, which accords with national levels of best practice in the Higher Education sector, and which concurs with all aspects of the University's published Human Resources Strategy.

The members of the Committee are:

Professor William Brown (in the chair)

Professor Dame Sandra Dawson

Mr Peter Fox

Professor Paul Luzio

Professor Jeremy Sanders

Dr Marion Kimberley (external member, previously Imperial College London).

The Administrative Secretary is Secretary of the Review Committee.

The Review Committee invite any submissions which members of the Regent House, University employees, and others wish to make. These should be made in writing to the Administrative Secretary, University Offices, The Old Schools, Cambridge, CB2 1TN (e-mail aef30@admin.cam.ac.uk). It would be helpful to the Review Committee to receive any submissions by 23 April 2004.

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Cambridge University Reporter 10 March 2004
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