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Primate Research Facility at 307 Huntingdon Road: Notice

26 January 2004

The Council have previously advised the University (Reporter, p. 311) that updated financial analyses of the development of the proposed Primate Research Facility at 307 Huntingdon Road have shown substantial financial risks for the University and that discussions have been undertaken with other major stakeholders in the project about sharing those risks.

The Council can now confirm that those discussions have not established a secure basis on which they can recommend that the University should proceed. Accordingly they have agreed that the project should be discontinued. If the project is revived it will be the subject of a fresh Report to the University.

In advising the University of this conclusion, following consultation with the General Board, the Council wish to record the following remarks:

The study of the brain of both animal and human subjects is of fundamental importance to the advancement of medicine. It will continue to be a central focus of the University's research, in particular in the Schools of the Biological Sciences and Clinical Medicine;

The Council and the Board will continue to support and defend academic activity that complies with all legal and regulatory requirements;

The unacceptable financial risk is largely due to extended delays in the planning process. The Council and the Board regret that these delays have resulted, in part, from the activities of protestors.

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Cambridge University Reporter 28 January 2004
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