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Supplementary payments for academic-related staff in the professorial grade

By approval in 1998 of the scheme of supplementary pay for academic-related staff in the professorial grade (Report on the recruitment, reward, and retention of academic and academic-related officers, Reporter, 1997-98, pp. 804-17) power to decide ad hominem increases in the course of appointment was delegated to the competent authority (the Council or the General Board as the case may be) (see paragraphs 41 and 42, Reporter, 1997-8, p. 809).

The Vice-Chancellor has completed a review of current remuneration of all academically-related officers in the professorial grade eligible for consideration. She was assisted in this by members of the Advisory Committee specified in paragraph 41 (comprising the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Resources - Professor Tony Minson - and Sir Colin Lucas, as an external member). In the light of the Advisory Committee's recommendations, the Council have now approved ad hominem enhancements of stipend, as set out below (the percentages stated are of the base professorial stipend).


The Committee reviewed the position of eight eligible officers.

The Council have approved the following enhancements, with effect from the date stated:
No increase5%7.5%20%
41 (1 January 2004)1 (1 October 2003)
1 (1 January 2004)
1 (1 January 2004)

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Cambridge University Reporter 14 January 2004
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