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Flying of the University Flag and 'Scarlet Days' in 2004

The Vice-Chancellor publishes for information the following list of dates on which the University flag will normally be flown from the Old Schools.


6 February Accession of HM The Queen
21 April Birthday of HM The Queen
23 April St George's Day
10 June Birthday of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
1 October Congregation of the Regent House
14 November Birthday of HRH The Prince of Wales.

In addition, notice will be given of other variable dates on which flags will be flown, such as occasions of official visits by the Chancellor; the official Birthday of HM The Queen; the days of General Admission and of Congregations for the Conferment of Honorary Degrees; and days of national rejoicing.

In the remainder of 2004 the following are the variable dates:

12 June Official Birthday of HM The Queen
21 June Conferment of Honorary Degrees (to be confirmed)
24, 25, and 26 June Congregations for General Admission to Degrees

Scarlet Days

Members of the University may also find it convenient to be reminded of the days appointed annually for the wearing of festal gowns, which are also days on which the academical dress of other universities may in general be worn. Full details are given in the annual edition of the Statutes and Ordinances of the University (p. 188, or http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/cam-only/univ/so/). In 2004 these days are:

Easter Day (11 April)
Ascension Day (20 May)
Whitsunday (Pentecost) (30 May)
Trinity Sunday (6 June)
General Admission to Degrees (24, 25, and 26 June)
All Saints Day (1 November)
Commemoration of Benefactors (7 November)
Christmas Day (25 December)

In addition the Vice-Chancellor may announce other days on which it is requested that festal gowns be worn. It is her intention to designate the day of Conferment of Honorary Degrees as such a day and a further announcement will be made on 21 April 2004 to confirm this.

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Cambridge University Reporter 14 January 2004
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