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Social and Political Sciences Tripos, Part IIB, 2004: Notice

The Faculty Board of Social and Political Sciences give notice of the following additional subjects for 5,000-word essays for Papers Soc. 3, 9 and Int. 7, 9 (see also Reporter, pp. 58 and 163). The Faculty Board are satisfied that no candidate's preparation for the examination in 2004 has been adversely affected by this amendment.

Soc. 3: A subject in sociology I - Economy and society

8. Is it still possible to have a developmental state? In your answer refer to the role of the Chinese state in the development of its economy during recent decades.

Soc. 9: A subject in sociology V - Religion and politics

14. In what ways have the politics of the State of Israel affected the development of ultra-Orthodox Judaism.

Int. 7: Society, politics, and culture in Latin America

17. Latin-American media have often been criticized for offering the mass audience an idealized view of society and thus dampening potential political action. Is this criticism justified?

Int. 9: An interdisciplinary subject IV - The political economy of capitalism

9. Why has Japan's economic stagnation been so protracted? How is it likely to be overcome?

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Cambridge University Reporter 10 December
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