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Hughes Hall

Elected Fellows in Class A:

Dr B. J. Devereux, M.A., SID, B.A., Ph.D., Nottingham, from 1 October 2003

Dr C. A. T. Malone, M.A., NH, Ph.D., TH, from 1 October 2003 and also appointed Senior Tutor from 29 October 2003

Elected Research Fellow in Class B:

Ms L. V. Smith, B.Sc., Patras, Greece, M.Sc., York, from 29 October 2003

Elected Visiting Fellows:

Professor B. Portin, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, University of Washington, for 2003-04

Dr G. Stores, Emeritus Professor of Developmental Psychiatry and Fellow of Linacre College, University of Oxford, for 2003-04

Dr M. Buckley, Sometime Professor of Politics, Royal Holloway College, University of London, for Easter Term 2004

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Cambridge University Reporter, 26 November 2003
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