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Mathematical Tripos, Part III, 2004: Notice by the Examiners

In accordance with Regulations 18 and 19 for the Mathematical Tripos (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 327), the Examiners give notice that a candidate may submit an essay on any one of the following topics:

Calibrated Manifolds
Hodge Theorem for Manifolds with Boundary
Vanishing Cycles
Mapping Class Groups
Curvature and Betti Numbers
Closed Geodesics on Riemannian Manifolds
The Hofner-Zehnder Capacity
Iwahori-Hecke Algebras
Symmetric Functions
Representations of Finite General Linear Groups
Reflection Groups and Coxeter Groups
Synthetic Differential Geometry
Recognising the Three-dimensional Sphere
p-adic Uniformization
Higher Regulators of Number Fields
Symmetries and Reductions of KdV and KP Equations
The Toda Chain
Cohomology of Discrete Groups
The h-Principle in Topology and Geometry
Set Theory without the Axiom of Foundation
Well-quasi-orders and Better-quasi-orders
Finite Simple Groups
Higher Ramification Theory
Shannon Whittaker Reconstruction from Irregular Sampling
Groebner Bases and Convex polytopes
Automorphisms of Free Groups
Arithmetic Progression in Sumsets
Canonical Ramsey Theory
K-Theory and Representation Theory
The High Dimensional Poincaré Conjecture
Sumsets and Product Sets
Embedding Graphs in Surfaces
Analysis of a Large and Complex Data Set
Capacities of Quantum Channels
Duality Methods in Investment/Consumption Models
Large Deviations in Mathematical Models of Re-insurance
Bin Packing
P vs. NP
Search and Rendezvous
Positive and Negative Correlation
Transience/Recurrence of Random Walks
Causality in Discrete Models of Quantum Spacetime
Fluxes of Anti-symmetric Tensor Fields in String Theory
String Theorists' Search for the Standard Model
The Motion of Granular Material
The Application of Statistics to Volcanology
Three-dimensional Einstein-Weyl Gravity
The Numerical Analysis of Hamiltonian Problems
The Functional Schrödinger Representation of QFT
Structure in Saturn's Rings
Holonomic Quantum Evolutions
Cooling Flows in Clusters of Galaxies
Finite Temperature Gauge Field Theory
Intersection of Subdivision Surfaces
Is there an Interpolating Dual Subdivision Curve Scheme?
Greedy Algorithms for the n-term Approximation
Parametrizing Common Envelope Evolution
Fine Structure in Sunspots
Noncommutative Geometry from String Theory
Convection with Temperature-dependent Viscosity
Double Diffusive Convection due to Horizontal Gradients
Internal Wave Focusing in a Non-uniform Stratification
Vortex Rings Colliding with Rough Boundaries
Spatially Extended Pattern Formation
Networks of Coupled Oscillators
Turbulent Magnetic Fields
Distributional Sources in General Relativity
Dark Energy
Waves in Vertical Flow
Instabilities of a Sheared Elastic Liquid
Oceanic Rossby Waves
Stratospheric Variability and the Implications for the Troposphere
CMB Polarization
Cosmological Perturbations from Multifield Inflation
Melt Transport in the Mantle
Drips to Drops - Bridging the Gap
Finite-time Singularities
Compressible Flow past a Cylinder
Separation on a Free Surface
Bacterial Fluid Dynamics

Candidates are reminded that they may request leave to submit an essay on a topic other than those given above provided that the request is made, through their Director of Studies, so as to reach the Secretary of the Faculty Board, Mathematics Faculty Office, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, not later than 1 February 2004.

A candidate who proposes to submit an essay should inform the Chairman of Examiners, through his or her Director of Studies, on a form which will be provided, by 3 May 2004, and should submit the essay, through his or her Director of Studies, so as to reach the Chairman of Examiners not later than 13 May 2004.

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